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    Sora Hair Attempt

    I wasn't sure where to put this, so please feel free to yell at me if this is in the wrong spot.. but, today I was incredibly bored and decided I'd play around with my hair glue stuff. I have pretty short hair, but I was still surprised that it was able to stand up and actually stay like that...
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    More FFIX characters in KHIII?

    Final Fantasy VII, VIII, and X get most of the attention when it comes to cameo appearances in KHII, and when I first heard that Vivi (from FFIX) was going to appear in that game I was so excited! Finnaly, a character from my favorite Final Fantasy game, getting a minor role in Kingdom Hearts...
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    I made sea salt ice-cream =D

    Yay! Now I'm officially a dork! Ah ha ha. Once I saw how to make, I knew I had to do it. So here we are. Another pic And another Sorry if the pics are too large. Anyways, I followed the ingridients on the page, except I divided it all in half. I didn't want a whole bunch if it turned out...
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    Question About OrgXIII

    If Organization XIII's goal is to become complete people, then why the heck did the original members become nobodies in the first place? I know another reason now may be because Xemnas is looking for the Room of Awakening... but no one knows much about that. It just seems a bit...
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    Sora's Promise

    Okay, so we know he kept his promise to Kairi, but what about Namine? At the end of CoM he pinky-promised Namine and told her that he'd find her again after he woke up and they would become friends. And I was hoping that in KHII they would become friends. I don't even think they spoke. It made...