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    Glide for Aqua's story

    I was wondering if Aqua is able to obtain Glide. If so, where would I find it? I know there's one Action Command I'm missing.
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    What is this poo.

    Soooo, a friend of mine said that over in Japan there is some Manga called KH: Rise of the Tetra. When I argued with her she proceeded to swear on her dog's, grandmothers', and parents' lives that it existed and that it was the sequel to KHII. Lies, I say. If anyone has any information...
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    Xion: Nobody/Whole

    Something struck me when I read the trailer summary for 358/2 Days. When Riku tells Xion that she weilds a fake Keyblade, she seems angry and tells Riku not to lie to her. Then, Riku says "Indeed, you may be a Nobody." I'm thinking that maybe, maybe (and I'm sure this will get bombed, this...
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    Time Difference Observation...

    We know now that the Disney worlds in BBS will display a noticable time shift, right? But in the scan of Ven and Cinderella, Cinderella is in her princess outfit. If I am correct, Cinderella in KH1 was the age she was when she met the prince and actually went to the palace. So why, ten years...
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    Hunchback in KHIII??

    I dunno. I finished reading the actual novel, and I watched the Disney movie. The story has a lot to do with the nature of the heart and different forms of love/friendship. I thought it'd make a good world, and it'd be cool to see Sora dressed up for the Festival of Fools. But seeing as it has a...
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    Scrooge in BBS??

    I just thought I'd get this out there. I know it's not significant, but it'd be funny. XD In KHII, you talk to Scrooge in Hollow Bastion and he says he traveled with the King setting up a transit system (for those of you who didn't catch Donald's correction :toungesmile:) before the Heartless...
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    Possible Number XIV Identity -EVIDENCE!!-

    EDIT: I had posted a much longer and in-depth one here earlier, but something went funky and didn't let me post. So I copy and pasted this one from a write-up I did for my school paper's Videogame Column. Ok, so we all know from the recently released screenshots and interviews that there IS a...