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    Shin Megami Tensei: Imagine Online Trailer/Review

    YouTube - Shin Megami Tensei Online:Imagine Trailer/Review Heya Everyone! :lol: If you haven't heard, Shin Megami Tensei Imagine Online, has an English version out. Its in closed beta, and its doing pretty well. Here's a vid for Shin Megami Tensei, interesting as it is, it gives a preview on...
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    High-Priced games

    Lately, many of the games are high priced. A latest game for the PS platform was somewhere around $90.00approx and some DS games were around $69.99 [for one game btw] at EB Games. It is a bit unfair that games are priced so highly. What does everyone else think?
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    +VALKYRIE PROFILE+// Silmeria

    Has anyone played this game ? If you have, what did you think about it?
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    Help/Support ► It's gotten even worse...

    Hey everyone. Ok, does anybody remember my previous thread about my friend? http://forums.khinsider.com/help-support/79096-how-help-friend.html For those who have previously helped out, you all know [or should remember, hopefully] her name was Ruth. If you don't know the story, or have...
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    Kingdom Hearts [A literate RP]

    +Story+ ''Ones born of the heart and darkness, devoid of hearts, ravage all worlds and bring desolation Seize all hearts and consummate the great heart. All hearts to be one, one heart to encompass all. Realize the destiny: The realm of Kingdom Hearts. The great darkness sealed with the...
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    Your rating to Kingdom Hearts II

    [Don't know whether anyone has already made this thread...sorry if there was] We've all read the ratings from IGN and Gamespot and other game sites. But what are your ratings to the second installment of the game? Mine is 10/10. The games, music, graphics and the plot was good, but the game...
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    Should Sora, Riku & Kairi return?

    Based on the info Xaldin posted earlier before: >> http://forums.khinsider.com/kingdom-hearts-ii-final-mix/79424-new-information-nomura.html [/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT] If Sora and Riku [That would also include Kairi] aren't going to be in the next Sequel, what do you think? Would you want them...
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    [Not sure if this has already been posted] I found and read this on another forum [which i am not part of] and found it to be almost believable. Unfortunately, the original source of where it came from is unknown =\ Years before Sora's adventure, there was a great war. In a place between...
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    >>Parts Of You?<<

    Ok, i don't know whether a thread like this has been made yet....^-^; [No flaming in this thread] Ok, we already know that losing apart of yourself does something right? Eg, Someone loses their heart and becomes a heartless. And when the Soul and Body are left behind, they begin to move about...
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    >>For those who need Sythesis Items<<

    I can post this here...right? ^-^ Just thought i would post up which enemies give out which item that corresponds to the item on your synthesis recipe~ =][KH2 ITEMS] Synthesis Moogle bonus items: Give the following items to the Synthesis Moogle to get the corresponding bonus item. AP Boost...
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    Help/Support ► How to help a friend...

    Ok, any advice you would kindly give is not for me, but rather my friend. Let's dive into the problem... She's 14 and she's been seeing this guy for a month and a half [Now that she's back together with him again, yes they broke up before]. On Mondays, she lies to her parents saying she is...
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    Final Fantasy VS Kingdom Hearts

    [Sorry if this debate's been made...i didn't find this one ^-^;] Just as the title implies.Would win in this all out battle? Sora>>Org XIII>>Riku>>Other KH characters [Yes im cruel for not mentioning them~~ XD] VS Cloud>>Squall>>Vincent>>Rinoa>>Yuna>>Tifa>>Vaan>>Other FF characters...
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    {+Midgard+} [A Final Fantasy based Rp]

    +STORY+ For the world of Midgard, it has been one thousand years since gods, humans and demons were at war. The war grounded to a stalemate, and so an uneasy truce was agreed upon by all. During this time of long, troubled peace, humanity eventually turned their back on history and became...
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    Not sure if Xaldin's already posted some of this stuff [Sorry Xaldin if you did ^-^; You could merge threads if you want...] but just thought i'd post them up here. KH2:FM (4 pages) • Additional cutscenes of Roxas and Axel. • New weapon information. • New ability information. • XIII Org...
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    Favourite character from SOTTEOT?

    Sorry if this thread has already been made~ But i didn't find any of the like... So, who is your favourite character from Star ocean till the end of time? Mine would be Fayt, Albel, Nel. [Not in order]
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    Fayt VS Albel

    If you play SOTTEOT, Then you'll know who they are~ Ill post their pics just in case: Hands down on Fayt, he's got the Destruction gene thing. Woo~ <<Fayt ^Albel
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    Things your parents do that you hate

    Ok, Just as the title implies. I especially hate it when they drink and then you get in trouble for absoloutely no reason. And when they drink and give you loooooooonnnnggggg lectures, about life, what you should be, them passing-away and what would you do then.... So, yeah. Things your...
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    Who's Hotter? Axel vs Reno

    Dont know if this has already been done, apolagies if there is. Ok simple, who's hotter??
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    Something that i stumbled upon...

    Ok, before i begin, If they're were any threads about this, then excuse this thread, although i didnt find any. Ok...Cloud. Sephiroth.What pops into your head?? Ok no im not talking about the anti-gravity defying spikes, or Sephy's Long long hair; but rather that they are...one.Well in KH2 at...
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    *GASPETH* Its Cloud_Unchained's BIRTHDAY!

    Hiya! Just wanting to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! To Cloud_Unchained!!! Have a great B'Day C_U! *Throws confetti and what not all over the lounge* Hip HIP HOORAY~! >X3 Happy birthday from LuvKyou & Me!!