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    She Lies Beside Me...

    She lies beside me now, cold, bitter and alone/ I promised you that I would take you, I never said it would be home/ And I want to apologize in the worst way to the best thing/ That this cruel world had chosen to bestow upon me/ It’s just that sometimes she makes me feel like I’m not free/...
  2. G


    Something I wrote in the middle of the night. It rhymes and it doesn't, so I guess it's a freestyle kind of poem. Hope you guys like it. Staying up too late again, I know that you are too/ I wish I could just dial the phone and blurt out “I love you”/ I guess because love is a symptom for...
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    Shelter me I beg of you, O gracious muse of mine/ For I’d rather die than live without your words divine/ But a hero will die tonight, alone and stranded/ On a battlefield all of us had long left abandoned/ With blistering bullets bruising him with scars/ And with hopes stretched thinly like...
  4. G

    Fanfiction ► A World of Dreams. *Kh Fanfic.*

    A different take on the Kingdom Hearts. What if... All of Kingdom Hearts was just a dream? The rain outside did not let me sleep, as it just kept mercilessly hitting the roof of the building as if trying to get through to me. I was lying on my still made up bed with my eyes completely closed...
  5. G

    Fanfiction ► Son Of Superman *(One-Shot)*

    This is a one shot in the form of a poem. Enjoy. “Where are you going?” Lois asked while giving birth/ “Lex Luthor had bailed from jail, he is trying to destroy the Earth!”/ He flew out of the win-dow/ she heard the wind blow/ Pain of birth crept so slow.../ Before they married, she had...
  6. G

    Fanfiction ► The last of the Wind Walkers.

    This is an original fic written by yours truly. It is mostly fiction, but may have some truth to it. Set in late 15th century Japan, it is about a ninjas. Not the Naruto kind but more realistic. Enjoy and please comment! The Last Of the Wind Walkers. Chapter 1. Death and Birth, Rise of the...
  7. G

    Wiimote on the... PS3?!

    Some of you may have known this, and i apologize if i am repeating someone else's post (its not my fault i havent seen anyone else state this) but it seems that you can use the wiimote on the PS3. You cannot use it to play any of the games but if you have Linux system installed on your PS3 then...
  8. G

    Fanfiction ► Desparations Of An Outcast (Roxas one shot)

    Desperations Of An Outcast. Fire was everywhere, even the floor was covered in hot molten rocks, but it didn’t matter to him. The feel of victory was close, but the feel of truth behind his existence was too far away. The man attacked, flying out of the fire with his weapons forward...
  9. G

    Fanfiction ► <<*Poem of Roxas*>>

    This is something i wrote today in class, mostly because i was thinking of Roxas(he is my fav. character) and i was bored. Its a poem, done in Roxas perspective. Its a one shot, so if you are reading this, please comment. "I weren't completely~able/ To complete~my~fable/ I'm feeling~unstable/...
  10. G

    Fanfiction ► Kingdom Chaos 2

    This is a sequel to kingdom chaos, thought id write it cause i had much ideas hat didnt get carried out. This one will be better than the first, i promise. Hope i get old fans back, and sum new ones wit this one. Anyways, without further yapping, here is the intro, Kingdom chaos 2. ”…Darkness...
  11. G

    Fanfiction ► ___**Assassin's Creed**___

    This is my new fanfic, based on the PS3 game, assassin's creed. If didnt hear about it its set in 1191 during the third crusade. main character is an assassin from a cult of the assassins who want to end the war their own way. anyways, here it is Assassin’s Creed. I was born from the violence...
  12. G

    ... A Double Nobody...

    think about it, if someone lost thier heart, like sora, and had a nobody, but then still got thier heart back so became themself again. but after they got back their heart, they would lose it again, u think another nobody would be born? would it be the same nobody as the first one? or would it...
  13. G

    The theory bout chasers, spoilers and all

    Chasers are evil, they use a power of light. They are people who hunt down the keyblade wielders - hence the graveyard of keyblades, the graveyard holds the keyblades of all the keyblade wielders they killed. They use light for their evil deeds, because darkness can be used for good also. The...
  14. G

    world cup

    i kno there are ppl from europe in here and the world cup is in 4 days, ppl make your predictions about who has chances to win, why? who u think the new best player will be? what team will be an upset? wat team will go far but lose out in semifinals? what team will do the same thing as france...
  15. G

    Fanfiction ► apokalypse (original fanfic)

    Chapter 1. The night of the demon. Cory was on his night patrol, rolling around the city of New York covered in darkness. The moon shined brightly form the sky and the streetlights were in their prime. He was slowly rolling around the street, gripping the steering wheel of the 1995 Crown...
  16. G

    exchange songs

    sometime we search up for songs to downlaod, we dont always find what we want so if u got nice songs that u kno of and others might not, post them here name and artist, sum ppl may kno of this one its "Dreams" by jay-z ft. biggie smalls any1 got nemore?
  17. G


    i need help, i am at the final door at the last floor on sora's mode, but i cant open the last door, it says i need a blue num 1 card, but i cant get it, i like leveled up 10 lvls already but i still cant get the card, any help would be appreciated a lot 1
  18. G

    Cam'ron vs. Jay-Z

    uve heard cam'rons diss on Jay-Z, the song is called "you gotta love it", cam'ron is like outta his freaking mind, says that jay-z stole rockafella from Dame, stole rockawear from Dame, stole Kanye west from Dame, says that he lyed bout his age and was in a magazine rockin a gay outfit, now i...
  19. G

    the crossroads

    This is bout the crossroads, wat are they about? if u r standing in the middle and u have to pick a path, wats that all bout? wat role do they play in kingdom hearts? 1
  20. G

    Fanfiction ► Kingdom chaos.

    "The rings of chaos, the chains of pain… First, is the conqueror who leaves the worlds in vain, Second, is the maestro, who walk’s the line of evil and good, Third, is the lord, who is lost in the dark, his mission not understood Fourth, is the king, by whom people will receive a blessing All...