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    I Found This On Google (has Spoilers)

    http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-5734058952118350828&q=kingdom+hearts&hl=en i found this on google. it Com in a 3 hour vid. its pretty cool.
  2. C

    I Need Help With A Game

    i want to download some awsome games that are free. can some one give me a site were i can get awsome games for free. for example. some kids were lpaying an internet halo kinda game in class on the computers. i want these kinda games. does any one have a good site?
  3. C

    I May Have Photoshop Cs2, Not Sure

    i got something from adobe in the mail. its like a disk that is very silver. is this photoshop cs2???
  4. C

    Help Please, Very Important

    i have aim icons saved on my computer from websites. i want to use them for my aim. can some one help me??? i have no clue how to get it to were my icon is on my aim box thing. help please???
  5. C

    Only Vip Members With Animeted Avatars?

    i understand why you made it only vip members, but others would also like animated avatars as well. i have an animated avatar i would realy like to use. im asking you to please let other member use animated avatars as well as vip members.
  6. C

    School Exam Help For All Khinsider Users

    school exams are comming up soon. some users are needing help very bad in some subjects. khinsider is a communty, so i thought, why not have a thread were khinsider users can get school help from another. some users are better at some subjects than others, so i bet youll find the help you need...
  7. C

    The Trailer!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    ive heard people talking about how the knight fell fell the hill, fought with this and that person, and talking about the trailer/vid. this is begining to confuse me. were is this trailer/vid people are talking about and how do they know he fell down a hill and fought some one. well i can see by...
  8. C

    I Need Help With My School Work

    im on the school news paper at my school. im writing about the nuclear problems we are facing with north korea. i need help bad. im not sure were to get ,my info. ive gone to google and yahoo and its like i cant find any thing. i want this to be a good article in the paper because every one will...
  9. C

    The X In The Name Of

    in an interview with normura he said that each org. member has an x in there name for a reason. he said when you take the x out of an org. members name, then you get there real name. example: roxas take the x out and you get sora ive been trying to find out the...
  10. C

    A Prequile To Kh2

    we had kh:Com as a prequile for kh1. do you think they will make a prequile for kh2?
  11. C

    Kh2 Soundtrack

    when do you guys think the kh2 soundtrack will come out, or is it even out now? is there a website were you can download the kh2 sountracks for windows meadia player?
  12. C

    Sancutary The Music Video

    sorry if this has been posted already, but i found the real sancutary music video. utada looks so beautiful in the video and the dancers are amazing and beautiful as well. this video is amzing, i love how the chinese/japanese culture takes things like this to a fantasy kinda setting ya know. if...
  13. C

    Utada With Simple And Clean Live

    i was trying to find stuff for my myspace and i found this. if this has been found before, im sorry. its utada singing simple and clean in english, live. hope you guys like it. http://video.freevideoblog.com/player.aspx?fileid=EF8E6A63-97DC-4DEE-8203-2E928A6DF4A6
  14. C

    China/japan Pop Vs American Pop

    we see all of the american pop stars getting busted for everything and setting awfull examples for tose who look up to them. then we see pop stars from chine and japan who setting a good examples for those who look up to them. what do you guys think of this. lets hear everything you guys have to...
  15. C

    Kh3 All Cgi

    do you think they would try to have the whole game of kh3 in cgi to try and bring a whole new thing to gamming? i mean, they made advent children cgi, so why not make kh3 cgi. even when your in battle with heartless, nobodies, other enimies, or just standing around in the game, what do you think...
  16. C

    Sora And Riku In Kh3

    in parts of the last battle xemnas would say to riku, "are you sure you are not jellous of sora" and then xemnas would say to sora "are you sure you can trust sora". i think maybe in kh3 riku will turn back to the darkness and because of this riku will do something stpid making him and sora...
  17. C

    Myspace Help

    can some one save this picture to there computer http://www.kh2.co.uk/image.php?view=kh2/artwork/kh2uo02.jpg then ill give you my photobucket password and then you can save it to my photobucket account. i want this to be my background im at the library and it wont let me do this. please it...
  18. C

    The Final Battle Quotes

    in the final battles we hear xahnort (spelling) say stuff like, sora are you sure you can trust riku and riku are you jellous of sora. what do you think this means. not to sound stupid or anything, its just been on my mind a lot. i do know there will be a kh3 though, lol.
  19. C

    Riku And King Micky In Black Hoods

    ive beat the game so many time and still have no clue to why riku and the king wear the organization hoods.
  20. C

    Kh 2 Myspace Help

    i want to put a kh 2 countdown clock on my mypsace do any of you know how to do that. also i want to put passion on my myspace. can some one help me with this as well? thanks a lot.