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    unknown heartless

    http://www.kh2.co.uk/image.php?view=kh/artwork/089.jpg Does anyone have any info on that heartless. i saw this heartless in one of the last battles fighting ansem. i just need to know if anyone some information about that heartless. thats all.
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    weird thing about mickey's keyblade.....

    this is really weird to me. did mickey get his keyblade in kh1 when he was inside kingdom hearts? cause i saw pick it up when he was in there and i put in slowmo to make sure. the reason i'm asking cause in the secret ansem report 2 it says A small king named "Mickey" carried the legendary key...
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    another secret ending?

    my friend wants to know if anyone ever found or heard of another secret ending or a third ending of kh2. he said sum guy name brandon who a weird phone or some kind of armax is able to get all sorts of cheats and was able to find another secret ending or whatever and is working on it today cause...
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    paradox cup

    cups anyone beaten tha last 10 battles of tha hades paradox cup.