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  1. D

    2 new bbs Screen Shots!!!!!!!!!

    Sounds like good pics, but alas we still can't actually see them. :(
  2. D

    Australian and Europeans

    just so you know i'm American so when i posted i was trying to think as if i were in you guys's shoes. Just so ya know.
  3. D

    Australian and Europeans

    You know what it don't get. Is that the company can't just wait until all versions are ready and send them out so all of them get realesed at the same time. So that no one can complain.
  4. D


    I have a question. Can you use tinkerbell without any party members in your group?
  5. D

    Short worlds

    you know the worlds Beasts Castle and The Land of the Dragon they were kinda short to me. and since i'm only in the olympus coliseum i'm guessing that all worlds are shorter than kh1 worlds. because i beat those two worlds in like 30 min. well thats what it felt like at least. What do you all think?
  6. D

    Destiny Island

    I was just wondering how in kh when they look off their island they don't see any other sort of land. But in kh2 when Kairi looks off the place shes living on she could see the island. how come they can't see the land in kh?