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  1. KudoTsurugi

    The World Ends With You The Animation Official Soundtrack

    The soundtrack for The World Ends With You The Animation has been released to the public. Physical discs are available from Square Enix’s website and the soundtrack is also available digitally on iTunes. The soundtrack contains 51 background music tracks as well as TV size versions of both...
  2. KudoTsurugi

    The World Ends With You The Animation Episode 12 “It’s a Wonderful World” Episode Discussion Thread

    This is it, the end is finally in sight. We‘ve reached the finale of the TWEWY anime, fittingly titled “It’s A Wonderful World”, book-ending the series with its Japanese title. Have at it, folks!
  3. KudoTsurugi

    The World Ends With You The Animation Episode 10 “The Countless Wrongs of Our Day” Discussion Thread

    We’re officially in the endgame now with Episode 10 of the TWEWY anime, ‘The Countless Wrongs of Our Day’: We’re nearing the end of Neku’s final week with this episode, with the true effects of the Red Skull pins rearing their ugly heads and the return of Minamimoto last episode. Let’s see how...
  4. KudoTsurugi

    The World Ends With You The Animation Episode 8 “Emergency Call” Discussion Thread

    We’ve made it to Episode 8 in the series and Neku’s 3rd week in the Reapers Game. Here’s the synopsis: On a related note, Funimation have started sharing clips of the anime on their YouTube channel. Also, while not technically related, it seems someone goofed on the thumbnail for the episode...
  5. KudoTsurugi

    The World Ends With You - The Animation - Episode 3 ‘Erased’ Discussion Thread

    I noticed there wasn’t an episode thread put up yet, so I thought I’d save the mods some time. Apologies in advance if I‘m stepping on anyone’s toes😓 Episode 3: ’Erased’ Synopsis: This episode covers the remaining days of Neku’s first week in the Reaper’s Game, as well as its aftermath...
  6. KudoTsurugi

    TV ► General Sonic the Hedgehog Discussion Thread: IDW, Sonic Prime and all other related content

    Wildbrain and SEGA are making a new CG-animated series for the ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ franchise, titled Sonic Prime set for release in 2022. SEGA and WildBrain will be producing the show, with WildBrain animating in their Vancouver studio, and Man of Action, creators of Ben 10 and the superhero...
  7. KudoTsurugi

    Film ► In the Heights

    We have another musical coming to movie screens from the mind of Hamilton. In fact, it's his first musical! In the Heights is coming to cinemas in June 2021. Originally planned for June 2020, the movie has been pushed back a year due to the pandemic. In the Heights, based on the musical of...
  8. KudoTsurugi

    Who could you imagine voicing who among TWEWY's cast?

    It might be a bit early to talk about it, but I'm curious to hear what people think. For the sake of argument, let's say that we get the full game cast back together for the anime(Neku, his friends, the Game Masters, etc), who could you imagine voicing the folks in the RG, like Makoto, the Tin...
  9. KudoTsurugi

    Possibly delay to 2019?

    Okay, so I found this account on Instagram for Kingdom Hearts called 'kingdomheartsinside', run by Tai Yasue. Anyway, one of the most recent posts read "KINGDOM HEARTS III 2018 OR 2019 CONFERENCE WITH THE TEAM AND TETSUYA NOMURA! #DELAYORNODELAY" Evidence supporting it as an official account are...
  10. KudoTsurugi

    'Everything Wrong with Kingdom Hearts' CinemaSins parodies by Charrii5

    Like CinemaSins? Like Kingdom Hearts (of course you do)? Put 'em together and what do you get? This: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HLUZ7lDj_1Q Not sure if people know about this, but I figured you might get a good chuckle out of it.
  11. KudoTsurugi

    Hiya :)

    Hello, I'm KudoTsurugi. I normally go by Tsurugi on other forums, but since there's already a user under that name here, you can just call me Kudo to save confusion. Long time Kingdom Hearts fan, been with the series roughly around the beginning. I remember seeing trailers for it and seeing it...