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    Is this lack of BBS news KILLING anyone else?

    Need I say more?
  2. R

    Little question

    Hey I was just wondering what exactly "first run" is and what is particulary special about it?
  3. R

    I have a question about Namine

    Okay, I feel kind of dumb for asking this since I feel like I know it in the back of my head but, when Sora stabbed himself creating Roxas with his heart and Namine with Kairi's, since Roxas was the body and soul of Sora, who was Namine the body and soul of?
  4. R

    KH anime confirmed?

    Sorry if this is in the wrong section, but it kinda is the future of Kingdom Hearts..... So, my sister was browsing around on youtube and found a video saying that Nomura confirmed a KH anime, I, personally, don't find it credible, but you can decide for yourself. The video is here: YouTube -...
  5. R

    Crisis Core in BBS?

    Who else thinks the events leading up to Crisis Core would be cool in BBS? Like, seeing Zack as 3rd class and stuff like that. (P.S. Sorry if this has been said before but I'm too stupid to figure out where the search is. :blushing:
  6. R

    Touched Riku's light

    Now, I'm not new to Kingdom hearts, so I feel stupid for asking this, but, I keep hearing people say that Sora got the keyblade instead of Riku because Sora "touched Riku's light". I always just thought Sora got it because Riku chose darkness over light. Can somebody tell me which statement is...
  7. R

    How come?

    I recently got Chain Of Memories and a Gameboy micro for christmas. (Great gifts!) And I was reading through the manual and it tells you how to play multi-player. I was just wondering how come everyone is saying 358/2 days is the first KH game to have multi-player? No flaming please.
  8. R

    About new translations.

    Because of the new translations of he VJump scans I think Aqua may be more important to the story than I thought. It refers to her as "Mystery girl" and because of this I think that she could have the most important story. I'm probably just getting over exited but It's just something I was...
  9. R

    Who will buy one?

    I'm just wondering who is going to buy a PSP to get BBS. I won my new PSP for 8 bucks. (Hurray arcade machines!!!)