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    Fanfiction ► KH LODI A New Story

    Chapter 1 One year ago on Destiny Islands many families were torn apart by the darkness of one person. His name was AJ. The darkness he unleashed destroyed many worlds. As it traveled the worlds in search of AJ. AJ was a powerful warrior who helped destroy many evils before. AJ and his friends...
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    KH Life On Destiny Islands 3

    15 years have passed and AJ and the others settled down and had children the islands are peaceful at last because of AJ and friends.But little do they know that after they defeated all the evil that attacked them new evil was born more powerful then the last.As everyone relaxed and enjoyed all...
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    Destiny Island Reality Show(A DP and SGP production)

    When Sora Game Pro and Don Patch mix there two fan-fictions together you know theres going to be crazy, and weird things like crazy dookie monsters and black belt hamster monekys and crazyz stuff. So during the production of KH2 Normura had this to say! Normura: -drinking a martini- Were gonna...
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    ~Naruto~ The New Tests(A SGP and P. Sasuke production)

    10 years after the start of Naruto's ninja training, the world has been shaped differently. There are more ninjas now, and they need Jouin training, or they'll never procced. Naruto, after all of his training, has been given the rank of "Jouin" and is still shooting towards his dream to be...
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    KH Life On Destiny Islands 2

    ok this one is like the first but unlike the first on this one we dont leave the islands we stay there we get attacked at times but mostly we just party and have fun you still have your weapons you can fight others to train and stuff just dont go to far ok and also all the love from the first...
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    Tekken 6 Dark resurrection

    Storyline: Wang Jinrei is announced the winner of the King of Iron Fist 5, defeating Heihachi Mishima for the right to fight and save his friend Jinpachi Mishima from himself. The battle between the two friends was long, as both fighters were evenly matched. But no matter how much they tried...
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    Noob Training Rp

    ok this rp is about training noobs we can use good rpers to help out with teaching the noobs ok i say over 1000 posts but i might say yea to some lower if i have seen you rp or someone else that is a trainer has ok so basicly we will rp like normal and if one of the trainers see the noob do...
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    KH Life on Destiny Islands(retry)

    ok this one is just like the other one until it died ok so anyone can join we all live on destiny islands we can do what ever we want on destiny islands there are no adults you can make your own person or be someone from the game it is first come first serve whoever claims sora and the others is...
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    KH life on destiny islands RP

    Ok my fic is Kingdom Hearts life on destiny islands if u have read it good if u did not thats ok Ok so we are all kids and we live on Destiny Islands we have partys we fight people and well i think you get it so this RP will have everyone from KH ok so you can be any of them and you can make...
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    Romance Rp yay

    This is a romance rp when you are an high school student k i am sure you know what this one is all about ok. Rules -No god moding -Romance is a must -No machinegun posting -Only two people to a dorm one boy and one girl only 5 dorms ok -Keep it out of the bed ok um luc that counts for you to...
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    Escape (a romance/horror rp)

    It is my first rp sorry if it is not that great It was a normal night for normal kids when the kids went to sleep kidnappers broke into each of there houses and took them to a secret corporation building.Now you have no idea where you are and who all these other kids are when you meet up with...
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    Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts Life On Destiny Islands

    Chapter 1 Sora and Riku are walking around Destiny Islands looking for supplies for their party. Sora-What are we looking for. Riku-You moron we are looking for supplies. Sora-For what Riku-The party idiot(punches him) Sora falls onto the ground. Sora-What was that for. Riku-For being an idiot...