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    Do you want Disney characters to play an important role in original worlds again like KH1?

    Like what happened with Beast and the Princesses of Heart being in Hollow Bastion in KH1, should we have a Disney character(s) play a role in an original/final world again? I for one do miss that.
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    Is Sora now the youngest of the Destiny Island trio?

    This is a strange phenomenon that just occurred to me. With Sora being "dead" he wouldn't age at all right? It seems he will be dead for at least a year. Meanwhile Kairi though is asleep/in a coma will continue to age regardless, like how people in real life still have their bodies age. Same...
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    Disney characters you felt Sora had the best connection/chemistry with? 2.0 Chain of Fragmented Coded Dream Days by Sleep

    This is the sequel thread about the discussion of which Disney characters outside of Donald and Goofy that Sora had the greatest connection or/and chemistry with. This could include moments where they battled enemies together. Other times when they would engage in fun mini-games with one...
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    Why aren't Goofy and Donald Keyblade wielders?

    What has always perplexed me is that despite how many times they have proven themselves in the series to have strong hearts and stuck by Sora since day one, they never obtained the power of the Keyblade. It was even mentioned and joked about twice in KH3 as I recall. After all the insurmountable...
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    Disney characters you felt that Sora had the best chemistry/connection with?

    This topic popped in my head because the more I think about returning worlds, the more I thought which ones really NEED to come back? I feel one of the most important factors is did Sora truly connect with a certain character from that world in any way at all? Both Donald and Goofy are exempt...
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    The ratio of returning/new worlds for KHIV?

    This thread isn't so much about which Disney world you want in the game, more about how many both returning worlds and new worlds you honestly think will be incorporated into the final version of the game. I tried to nail down a pattern with how many worlds they decide to bring back and how many...
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    Gummiphone and Ingredients, do you want them to return for future games including KH4?

    As far as I am concerned these two factors are among the top things that increased the replay value of Kingdom Hearts 3. I admit it, when I still play KH2 nowadays I find myself wanting to take photos or search around the levels for food to cook later. Kingdom Hearts 3 does have that over the...
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    Could Sora be one of the new Princesses of Heart?

    Not THE Sora we know of course, but Yozora's girlfriend, Sora. After viewing the Remind dlc again I wondered with all the focusing on Yozora and later revealing he is searching for a girl named Sora, that she would be one. It is already declared that Rapunzel, Elsa, Anna, and Kairi are the four...
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    Potential Surprise World for KH4? The sequel

    As far as Disney properties go these come to mind as being potentially huge surprises worlds for a Kingdom Hearts 4. Decided to create this thread after seeing that most people are skeptical about non Disney franchises appearing in this series so I feel this would be a more appropriate...
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    Which Princess world in KH3 did it better, Tangled or Frozen?

    Greetings everyone! Just like in my other thread with Toy Story and Monster's Inc., two worlds with similar themes that have their pros and cons. Toy Story is winning by a land slide so far in the other thread, however I expect this one to be far more mixed given the problems both Corona and...
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    Which Pixar world in KH3 did it better, Toy Story or Monster's Inc.?

    As specified in the thread title, which one of these two was the better overall world to you? I just had another playthrough of KH3 this past week. Both these worlds have their pros and cons as well as their similarities. I am curious as to what my fellow Kingdom Hearts fans here have to say...
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    Potential surprise world for KH4?

    Hello everyone. This is a question that has plagued my mind since before the release of Kingdom Hearts 3. We all know that a Kingdom Hearts 4 is inevitable, and I for one sincerely hope it completely blows all the other previous big numbered installments out of the water in every way imaginable...
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    here is an important question..what is the connection?

    I have not been here on these boards for three months and now I am seeing so much new info. One thing that peaked my interest was the remarkable resemblance of master xehanort and ansem the seeker of darkness. I wonder how that can be possible if Ansem is the regular Xehanort's(the scientist)...
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    which disney villians deserve another chance

    which old villians should come back for the next installment. I felt rather dissapointed at how Jafar was handled in KH2 and deserves a bigger role in his world and a much harder boss fight. Captain Hook and Hades should return. Ursula was handled real terribly as well. I liked her off better in...
  15. G

    song of the south

    do you think that one day the movie splash mountain was based on will become a world. that would be like the surprise world of the century considering the things surrounding it.
  16. G


    I herd Disney owns ABC which airs LOST. What if LOST was going to be a world one day in the KH series. How you think that might go?
  17. G


    How any people wished he had a boss fight in Kingdom Hearts 2. It would have been good if Roxas had a battle with him before he merged with Sora. How many of you think that Ansem the Wise will come back as a villain in KH3? He might come back a the new leader of the nobodies. It would be like a...
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    Should Riku go along the journey nex time?

    I was thinking that maybe in KH3 he goes to the disney worlds etc. along with Sora, Donald, and Goofy. It would be neat to have him along your side. Sora would also introduce him to Hercules and Aladdin as the friend he was looking for. I think it would cool, what do you think?
  19. G

    Which Disney worlds-classic or new

    Here is a new question. Should Nomura choose more classic worlds to visit or newer disney films that have come out from the late 90s till today for KH3. I personally think that classics is the way to go since that was when Disney was at its best. I believe thas another reason why more people...
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    The Return of Roxas

    Would you like it if Roxas returned in KH3? If so I got a few choices to choose from. I am thinking that after the whole prologue in KH2 I was hoping Roxas would show up again to help Riku and Sora battle Xemnas. Riku and Sora need a little more help but mickey and the others are gone. Suddenly...