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  1. LoLWuTT

    Check my video out :)

    There was no other place where I could post this so the closest would be here. :) Anyways, check my video out, it's an AMV which ISN'T like any others. The song is new and I editted every clip. YouTube - A Day to Live - Kingdom Hearts Please, comment, rate, Subscribe if you like it. :D...
  2. LoLWuTT

    Would Any One Like To Contribute to my Mysterious Figure Video Guide?

    I know I've been making a lot of threads but seeing this forum very active, I'd like to attempt to make a Mysterious Figure Video Guide because I know I've had lots of problems with M.F and would like to share my tricks and tips that I used when I attempted to beat him. Anyways, I'm asking for...
  3. LoLWuTT

    Anyone want to Help me with Mirage Arena? :D

    I'm stuck on the last one. Not the one that you beat to obtain the Ultima Keyblade with, the one that needs to be finished to complete the Mission and level up. I am stuck on it and can't pass that dumb Iron Prisoner thing and it takes too long to get there for me. Anyone want to help? :D I'll...
  4. LoLWuTT

    KH3 Boss Wishlist?

    Now, I don't know what KH3DS is about but I heard it takes place after Re:Coded which means that it is after KH2 as well? But anyways, that would mean that Sora has to save everyone that is connected to him or something. I hope that is the storyline in KH3 instead of 3DS since that'll be a...
  5. LoLWuTT

    Keyblade Stances...

    I find it weird that Ventus has a kick-ass stance and Aqua and Terra's were normal and stupid. This isn't such a big deal but it annoys me because they make the camera shake before every battle that shows the "Information" box and it doesn't really look good when you play as Terra or Aqua since...
  6. LoLWuTT

    What Are You Listening to Now?

    What song/album are you listening to at the moment or what did you recently listen to? The Other Promise - KH2 FM+ :D
  7. LoLWuTT

    New - Hi Hi :D

    Finally, after a few hours trying to find a forum , I find this one. :D