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  1. KudoTsurugi

    News ► Kingdom Hearts music appears at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2021

    Very fitting indeed. According to the set list, they used both themes for Olympus Coliseum, both the over world theme and Hero’s Fanfare.
  2. KudoTsurugi

    News ► Yen Press announces Kingdom Hearts: The Complete Novel Collector's Edition

    Don’t know if I’ll buy it, since I have the novels already (three of them were a digital purchase), but for anyone who wants to get all the novels in one purchare, it’s a handy thing to have😃👍
  3. KudoTsurugi

    NEO: The World Ends With You leaked early from Square Enix Store

    Here we go again 😓 My thoughts exactly.
  4. KudoTsurugi

    What characters do you think are overrated/underrated in the series?

    I don’t know about saying he slept on all the characters, but I definitely agree on Merlin. This is a wizard who could time travel in his own movie, surely he could’ve taught Sora another way to do it(granted with its own limits).
  5. KudoTsurugi

    Anime/Manga ► Evangelion - Anno apologizes about 3.0 + 1.0, 3.0 burned him out

    Most NDAs do involve not talking about your projects until they’re officially announced, so whether or not they did or didn’t redub the old films, we’ll have to wait for official word from either the VAs, Amazon or Khara themselves on the matter.
  6. KudoTsurugi

    Describe a western animated series badly~

    A talking book teaches 3 kids magic
  7. KudoTsurugi

    Your thoughts on Rokusor

    Considering the implications of this ship, even if Roxas is his own person and not Sora’s Nobody anymore, I’d say they’d either be like brothers(unidentical twins maybe) or good friends.
  8. KudoTsurugi

    NEO TWEWY screenshots detail supporting cast, team battles, pig noise and more!

    6 people at once? Does this mean what I think it means???
  9. KudoTsurugi

    General Kingdom Hearts Manga Discussion

    Chapter 19 is out in Japan and it looks like Young Xehanort shows up only in the first page. Also I just love this smug look on Sora’s face here🤣 Man I can’t wait till we get more compiled volumes
  10. KudoTsurugi

    Cartoon/TV ► Pixar's Monsters At Work - A TV Sequel to Kingdom Hearts 3 featuring Gary

    Okay you’re right, it is a stupid reason to consider it non-canon. But I still think there could’ve been a way to show they had some history. It didn’t even have to be a flashback, or be like that deleted scene. That one came across like they hated each other from the start. I can see why they...
  11. KudoTsurugi

    Cartoon/TV ► Pixar's Monsters At Work - A TV Sequel to Kingdom Hearts 3 featuring Gary

    What would sell that Gary joke more is if Gary’s face is shown in in-show media while Mike’s is still obscured 😂
  12. KudoTsurugi

    Cartoon/TV ► Pixar's Monsters At Work - A TV Sequel to Kingdom Hearts 3 featuring Gary

    We’re likely going to be getting explanations for Gary once the show comes out. For now I’m guessing he’s a distant relative, since monsters can have families in this world. As for Monsters University, personally I treat it as non-canon for one simple reason: its premise, while not a bad one, is...
  13. KudoTsurugi

    General Kingdom Hearts Manga Discussion

    From looking at the preview of the next chapter, it seems Young Xehanort will be making an early appearance? I wonder if this means he’ll be showing up to Sora outside the mansion in Ansem and Xemnas’ place or will there be something else going on? Maybe an early peak at some of the Re:Mind...
  14. KudoTsurugi

    Why did Riku ignore Kairi between CoM and KH2?

    Pretty much this. And Sora made a promise to Kairi that he’d come back with Riku. So if Riku came back with no Sora, Kairi would want to help if she knew what happened.
  15. KudoTsurugi

    Why did Riku ignore Kairi between CoM and KH2?

    From your questions, I’m under the assumption you haven’t played or watched 358/2 Days. Please feel free to correct me if I’m wrong. Riku had been keeping tabs on the Organization during that year, even having a run-in with a few of its members, including Xion, a replica who had inadvertently...
  16. KudoTsurugi

    The World Ends With You The Animation Official Soundtrack

    The soundtrack for The World Ends With You The Animation has been released to the public. Physical discs are available from Square Enix’s website and the soundtrack is also available digitally on iTunes. The soundtrack contains 51 background music tracks as well as TV size versions of both...
  17. KudoTsurugi

    NEO: The World Ends With You demo live on PSN and Nintendo eShop

    Good point, though it’s interesting that Rindo bumps into a normal civilian in Dogenzaka just moments before seeing the Reaper.. unless that civilian was also a Player in the game🤔 I doubt it, but who knows. Either way, we’ll have to wait till the game is out to learn more.
  18. KudoTsurugi

    NEO: The World Ends With You demo live on PSN and Nintendo eShop

    Going over the demo again, I think the point where Rindo and Fret could’ve been tuned into the UG was when he had that first future vision. Because he did bump into someone on the way to the scramble. And Reapers can be seen in the RG, without wings of course, as seen with 777 and the tech guy...
  19. KudoTsurugi

    NEO: The World Ends With You demo live on PSN and Nintendo eShop

    Again, I don’t think Rindo and Fret are actually dead. Yeah, we saw Fret die but then Rindo’s Rewind psych kicked in taking him back to just before that happened, giving him a chance to change his fate. I think they just got tuned into the UG after that bite to eat.