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    Can you imagine heaven?

    If you believe in it, what do you think God's new heaven will be like? I know this is kind of generic, but I found this book that this man wrote saying what he firmly believes heaven will be like and he bases it all on the bible. See, according to what he's said, there are many christians out...
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    God of War II

    it got a 9.7 out of 10 on IGN! that must show something about it. I don't know about you, but I think this game's going to be best action game yet. Awesome graphics and gameplay, with a kool storyline. Do you think this game will be great? Are you getting it? Let me know.
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    Ultimate Debate: Sora vs. Riku

    many people are on each side, and there have been many agruments, but this ends here. let's now decide who would defeat who: sora, the hero of light, or riku, the wielder of darkness? i'll start off: sora would win, because he has drive abilities and magic and different keyblades, plus he beat...
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    Neverwinter Nights 2

    i don't know many people who've played the game where i live but i did and i thought it was awesome! I thought they were done making this game but now that they're makin a sequel i want it so badly! i don't know what its gonna have though no info's been released i think.lemme know if there has...
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    Jet Li's Fearless

    Did anyone see that movie Fearless? i saw it and thought it was pretty awesome. what did u think?
  6. S

    u think there'll be more keyblades?

    if japan and the US got everything the same in the original KH2, what else could there be thats new? i tihnk they should have more keyblades for sora. Maybe he could wield mickeys or rikus, i dont know whos else since you got a keyblade from pretty much every major character or boss. if there...
  7. S

    Who has the freakiest hair?

    lol they all have frizzy hair but the question is WHOS IS THE FREAKIEST? to help make your decision, imagine YOURSELF having hair exactly like sora, or roxas, or another contestant. i tried to use KH characters not FF or disney, and theyre all from KH2.
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    A New Sora?

    reading the thread about haley joel osment reminded me of how OLD he is. Which made me realize something else: the next KH3 isnt gonna come out for a few years, i bet it's production wont even start for a few years. So what if by the time they start making KH3 Haley joel osment is too old and...
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    Final Fantasy

    ok u know how u have to fight leon, cloud, yuffie, and tifa b4 hades? well im having trouble doing that cuz tifa blocks my trinity limit and cloud keeps using warriors spirit while leon always hits me with his fireball. I usually get yuffie fine, but its the others i have trouble with. Does...
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    w.e. happened to the paopu fruit?

    was it just a plot filler for the first kingdom hearts? the way they made it out, that "if u eat it with someone ur destinys wil be intertwined" made it seem that it would have a lot more significance. but i never saw it in CoM or KH2. do u think itll be in the next KH game?
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    I am dum@$$

    i just wanna apologize to all the people i've criticized. im sorry for calling people forum nerds and flaming them. that is all. PS--next time, dont leave your account logged in, camilo.
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    World of Chaos vs. Xemnas Dragon

    In the final battles for KH1, you fight on the World of Chaos. In one of the final battles for KH2, you're on the Xemnas Dragon, and it's the closest thing to the WoC for KH2. So which one did you like better? I thought it was kool how you could use your boosted drive abilities as regular sora...
  13. S

    TWTNW or End of the World?

    The World That Never was. End of the World. Which world did you like better, and what made it better? I liked End of the World better, because you got to fight hordes of strong heartless, and most of the boss battles were in the air. You could also go to a portion of all the other worlds. Not to...
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    "Male" Heartless?

    Something I noticed in the strategy guide. I was looking at the boss battle for the groundshaker and I noticed that in the screenshot they had on that page the information bar said to jump on "his" head. It also tells you to "stop him" when the Grim Reaper tries to steal the medallions. I...
  15. S

    Do you think the Nobodies will be in the next KH game?

    If the heartless still exist, then maybe the nobodies will too, since they are the shell of the heartless. What do you think?
  16. S

    Do you think the Nobodies will be in the next KH game?

    In KH2 Yen Sid said that the heartless will always exist as long as there is some1 with darkness in there heart. So does that mean that the nobodies will still exist, since they are whats left after a heartless is born? Say what you think.
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    Favorite Heartless bosses

    which of the HEARTLESS bosses in KH2 do you think looks the koolest?? I liked the storm rider, cuz it was like a huge dragon.
  18. S

    and now.....A NEW THREAD!

    i said this in the thread about twilight and dawn bein the same, but no one seemd to listen so ill say it now. Have any of you noticed the difference between sora and roxas' twilight town music? roxas' sounds calm and peaceful, like its heading to nightfall. But sora's sounds like bells ringing...
  19. S

    Disturbing Fan Art

    I dont know if this has been talked about already, but it hasn't been talked about with me so im gonna say this cuz i think it should be discussed. Has anyone seen those stupid fan arts with sora and riku and roxas being gay? Cuz i sure as hell have seen alot of those ****ed up pictures, and i...