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    Another side (KH)

    Ok, this is the FF characters side of Kingdom Hearts. I'm sorry, I haven't really came up with a good plot to this. Give me a day or two to set it up. Made up characters aloud! Name: Age: Weapon: Gender: Bio: World: And for the Rules: -No godmodding! -Keep it PG 13 -Follows RPing...
  2. Y

    Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts/ Final Fantasy

    My friends and I wrote this. It's more of a FF side of Kingdom Hearts, so I hope you enjoy this. Kingdom Hearts/ Final Fantasy Part 1 She watched Ansem leave the library while standing behind her desk. The girl brushed her long black hair out of her face then took a deep breathe. I never...
  3. Y

    kinda need advice here

    How can you make a good Rp? I mean like a catchy storyline and title or something like that. My reason for asking because no one joins any of mine. It's not just this message board I had struggled with making RPs Does anyone have any clue of what is wrong with my Rps?
  4. Y

    KH/FF: Worlds Collided

    Ok, this takes place in the beginning. Before the worlds started disappering. You all can have some made up characters. For the profile... You need: Name: Age: Weapon: Gender: Bio: (Please make it short) World: And for the Rules: -No godmodding! -Keep it PG 13 -Make sure your post...