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  1. KingdomKurdistan

    News ► Yen Press announces Kingdom Hearts: The Complete Novel Collector's Edition

    Thar spine is awful. Why couldn't it be as subtle as the rest of the beautiful cover?
  2. KingdomKurdistan

    Where and when do you think the next Kingdom Hearts will be announced?

    I'm sure they'll get all the necessary stuff in. Constraints always lead to better games for the KH dev teams and writers. And Nomura.
  3. KingdomKurdistan

    Film ► (Spoilers) Black Widow

    Loved it. A lot more Shortland in style than it looked from the trailers. Such a solid film. Everything felt hefty unlike many prior MCU movies which had a very lightweight feel to them. Oh and that post-credits scene.
  4. KingdomKurdistan

    Cartoon/TV ► Loki (2021) - The Bi-Frost Giant

    This one is the darkest and most mature the MCU has got so far, imo. Both the humour is more adult but also the themes are explored so much more bravely than they've done in the MCU so far. The standoff at the end was positively apocalyptic in how grim the tone was. Last time i felt so tense...
  5. KingdomKurdistan

    Advance Wars 1+2 Re-Boot Camp

    Gosh, did Nomura come up with that title?
  6. KingdomKurdistan

    Film ► Marvel Cinematic Universe - RIP Chadwick Boseman

    Marvel suddenly looks so pretty in Phase 4.
  7. KingdomKurdistan

    Where Kingdom Hearts is failing

    Why does that quote say something I didn't say
  8. KingdomKurdistan

    Where Kingdom Hearts is failing

    Where's the evidence of Disney imposing a higher ratio of other properties compared to OG Kingdom Hearts stuff? Where's the evidence of Disney not wanting KH to be connected at all? You're taking some things so far out of context that they might as well be about Call of Duty. There's no...
  9. KingdomKurdistan

    Film ► Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Live Action Adaptation

    What's the obvious elephant sorry I'm a bit slow.
  10. KingdomKurdistan

    Where Kingdom Hearts is failing

    They shouldn't pander to anyone. Do what they want and we can take it or leave it.
  11. KingdomKurdistan

    Politics Separating art from the artist, how hard is it for you?

    What's the evidence for that? It might be that there was simply nothing to sweep
  12. KingdomKurdistan

    How does Square gather feedback from the fans?

    That one needs a different kind of remake.
  13. KingdomKurdistan

    Where Kingdom Hearts is failing

    Just flicked through on YouTube trying to find some actual bad ones. They're at least functional throughout. Nothing stands out as downright poor or lazy. Put aside the obvious graphical performance boost and I can't say I agree (ignoring Disney worlds and focusing solely on KH story...
  14. KingdomKurdistan

    Where Kingdom Hearts is failing

    This is it. KH used to excel at maximising yield within the constraints of console tech limitations. KH1's talking bubbles never felt like cop-outs because the cinematography was so artful in animated scenes. Look at the dynamism of the camera work/editing on Destiny Islands. Look at the...
  15. KingdomKurdistan

    Where Kingdom Hearts is failing

    I'm stunned that people can get through KH3 and believe it's the non-Disney parts that shine and need to be replicated. The only reason KH3 was a releasable product is because of Disney's quality control for parts featuring their IPs. The OG KH stuff was the worst-produced of the whole series.
  16. KingdomKurdistan

    Bad news

    What's the app?
  17. KingdomKurdistan

    Bad news

    I experienced years under an overbearing family surveillance state. Not just my own parents (they were the least bad), but extended family too. Hurts to hear others spending their youth in similar conditions. But as everyone else has said, there are ways around it if worst case scenario comes
  18. KingdomKurdistan

    Bad news

    I swear I cried reading this. I'm so sorry. I'm sure it's going to blow over and will be fine. But if worst comes to worst, we can find a way to keep you online here, I'm sure of it
  19. KingdomKurdistan

    Thoughts on fiction?

    Title: Kingdom Hearts: Population Eugenics 10543 Keyblade Wielders/[divided by] 99