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    Nabari no Ō

    I hope I spelled that right... Anyway have any of you seen an anime called Nabari no Ō? It's been published by Square Enix . And as far as I know it's new-ish? Currently it has 26 eps. It seems pretty good. It's ninja themed but I try not to relate it to Naruto. Some pretty interesting...
  2. D

    Sony Vegas Pro 8.0

    Ok a while back I had Sony vegas 7.0 and everything was just fine. But towards the end of the trial the clips wouldn't show. I woud just get these 'red clips' No sound would play and no clips would show up. I deleted 7.0. Then after a while i got 8.0 and the same thing happened. I read more...
  3. D

    BK SLAP!

    Don't really know where I should put this but... About a week ago I saw this Burger King commercial. YouTube - Burger King - SteakHouse As you can see in the commecial a women slaps a man (really hard) Now I found it funny. Mostly because it took me by surprise. After awhile I saw the...
  4. D

    Heartless,Shadows and Nobodies Oh my!

    Been awhile since i made a thread.... Anyway. While talking to a friend the other day about KH. I started to wonder somethings: You know when Sora has that dream at the begining of KHI. Where he fought Darkside? Yeah what exactly is Darkside? A Heartless? A heartless that came from Sora's...
  5. D

    An error you say?

    Can some tell me whats up with my Windows movie maker? I download some clips and when i try to play them in WMM each clip only plays for about a second and when it shows the clip the colors are lavender and gray. I look everywhere (well places i knew) for help but none found. If any of you know...
  6. D

    Heart of the world

    We see that sora locks up the doors (the heart of the world) in khI. But what is really behind those doors? In KHII we learn that they open roads to other worlds which sora & co travel on with the gummi ship. So does that mean that the hearts of the worlds are like Betwixt and between? where...
  7. D

    "Amber" light

    Im not too good with computers but i know a few things. I'm having this problem with my laptop. There is this orange/amber light that keeps blinking and if i take the power chord out the computer just shuts down. I've tried to leave the chord in to see if the battery needed to be charged but...
  8. D

    Spirit of the keyblade

    Srry if someone made a thread like this but i didnt see one. Anyways do you think that there are spirts in the keyblade? well not spirits more like heartless and nobodies? I thought so because it could be like a test for the keybearer. Like when sore first got the keyblade he fought Darkside a...
  9. D


    You know how they say when your heart is seperted from your body you end up with a nobody? well what would you get if you met your nobody and became one again? would you get some new kind of creature?
  10. D

    Your Nobodies

    I thought of this in class.(really boring) If you could control/create nobodies/heartless what would your nobody/heartless be? Name of nobody/heartless : Appearence: Attacks: Reaction commands for the attacks: and if you'd like your org. name, weapon, appearance, and attacks. For example...
  11. D

    Reaction commands

    What are your top 3 favorite reaction commands? Mines are: 1) Dog paddle (Cerberus) 2) Duel Stance (samurai nobody) 3) Jump (dragoon nobody)
  12. D

    Axel's a dusk?

    I don't know if this would be a spoiler In Kh2 when roxas meets axel by the usual place he says "we are best friends" and axel says "sure but im not getting turned into a dusk for.." (most likely he was gonna say you) so what exactly has to happen for you to become a dusk? Do you have to lose...
  13. D

    His eyes couldn't lie

    What does the king mean when he says riku's eyes couldn't lie? I don't understand plz explain.
  14. D

    Saix good or bad?

    Would you put saix with the good org. members with axel, roxas, and demyx(he was clearly not fit for the org.) or is he in the bad with the rest. When at villian's Vale(i think that's what it's called) sora was about to fight all those heartless but saix stopped him and told sora: "If it's...
  15. D

    Favorite Nobody

    This has been done with heartless, but now it's nobodies. What is your favorite nobody? Mines would be the samurai. It just looks amazing.
  16. D

    Heart of keyblade

    (This is just another one of my crazy thoughts) What if Sora, Riku, the King and other keyblade wielders had hearts in their keyblades or something really important? Just think it's been said in another thread
  17. D

    Secrets of the soilders

    I don't know if there's another thread about this but.. What if the soilders in the seccret ending are members of the organization before they became nobodies? I don't really know why they would have keyblades then but what if the were chosen to be ansem's helpers because the had certain...
  18. D

    Song for a Kingdom of hearts

    Yeah i know strange title. Anyway. What song do you thinks fits characters in kingdom hearts. Or a couple in kh. I think the song Stickwitu is good song for kairi and sora or roxas and namine.
  19. D

    Name your song

    What song(s) do you think best describes you? Or a song that you feel you relate to. For me I can relate to the song Graduation by vitamin C. Because i love my friends and won't forget any of them.
  20. D


    What is your favorite thing to watch on youtube? Something that you have to watch when you go there. Or just whatever you just watched.