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    Kingdom Hearts II Online RPG

    Okay I totally love online RPGs and was thinking if maybe in the future they could make a Kingdom Hearts online RPG. Yes I know its already is an RPG, but think of being able to be your favorite characters online with other people! Wow that would be SO cool.:) What do you guys think?:cool:
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    Pre-orders to Mexico?

    Hey I pre-ordered the game since like the begining of March, but I live in Mexico City, so.....will the game arrive the 28th? Hmm, I hope I won't have to wait too long for them to ship it here. Maybe it will have to be postponed because we don't live in the U.S. (at the time) Anyone know...
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    KH2 Amusement Park?!

    An amusement park? Are they for real? OMG that would be so totally awesome! But I can't imagine they would make KH2 so special as to make an interactive park! Can you guys imagine walking throught the gates of FINAL FANASYLAND? Please tell me if I'm mistaken. *falls off chair* Here's where i...
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    Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year everyone!!! :)2006:)
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    Game Cost

    I wonder how much KH2 will cost in the U.S. Do you guys think it will be more than 40 dollars or less? If KH2 is going to have 2 DVD's, then it must be pretty costly.
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    Any People Japanese Out There?

    Every time I see a Japanese speaking trailor for KH1-2 it makes me really annoyed how I can't speak, or even understand the language! Now I want my Japanese friend to teach me everything there is to know......but ANYWAYS. I was wondering if there are any Japanese people out there who would be...
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    Annoying Videos

    Did anyone else think that the new 7 clips for KH2 were annoying? I mean, you can tell that all of them were in the same place on the same TV, but the "cameraman" video taped 7 different scenes instead one big long one. :mad: For example: At the end of video clip 3, it shows Diz clutching...
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    Lois Lowry

    Does anyone else ABSOLUTELY LOVE the classic book of The Giver by Lois Lowry? I also liked Gathering Blue and The Messenger. Another great book is Number The Stars about the Nazis. I want to read her latest book called The Silent Boy. Who else loves the author Lois Lowry? Please tell me about...
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    Just for the sake of wondering, how do people become a mod? Do you have to be a member for a while first? Once again, I am just wondering.
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    Hyden Christensen-episode 3

    Who else thought that Hayden Cristensen looked SO CUTE in Star Wars Episode 3? I don't especially think he looks awesome in real life, but I thought he was handsome in the third movie with his longer hair and dark costume. By the way, does anyone else agree that he looked so ugly in the second...
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    I have one but I don't know how I got it. Is it bad or good?:confused:
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    America's Next Top Model

    I can't wait to find out who is going to be the winner of cycle 5! I'm going for Jayla because she looks tough and is from Tucson, Arizona (where I used to live)! Is it me, or does Kim look like a boy? ;) Anyways, I luv the show, and what do you guys think about the other girls...
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    Greengates is a British school in Mexico City. Does anybody know about it or go to it? (highly doubtful). Today was my first day of school, and it stunk. All the girls were so preppy, it bugs me to death. The boys are all losers who make fun of every person they see, including me. I know that...
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    Yellow Trinity in Agrabah

    In Agrabah there is a yellow trinity in the Cave of Wonders. They do trinitiy push on a pillar, and then it falls down in the dark. I never got anything, so I jumped down to see if there was a prize at the bottom....nothing. Do you guys know what you get from the trinity, or if it gives you...
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    Rep Power

    I have been here for a couple months now and still don't understand how the Rep Power works. I noticed that most people have it on gray. Some people have it on green and maybe a 1 next to it. And very rarely do I see people with it on gray. Can someone please explain to me what each color...
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    2 Questions

    After you lock Neverland at the clock tower a movie appears. It's about Sora and Riku when they are little in the secret place. They are talking about getting off the island when they are older, but in the meantime to go see the girl at the mayor's house that arrived the same day of the meteor...
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    Favorite Character

    Who is your ABSOLUTE favorite character? It could be anyone from any of the worlds in KH or a Heartless. Then give a reason why you like that character or a fact. Mine is Donald because he is so funny and heals you all the time when your in trouble. :p
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    What Did Daisy Mean?

    At the begining of Kingdom Hearts Donald read the letter by King Mickey. After everyone knew Donald asked Daisy "if she could take care of the....." And then Daisy said "of course I will" or something like that. It never said what Daisy was going to take care of for Donald!:confused: Does...