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  1. K

    the screens below kh2 banner

    you guys really dont have social lives do you? really get a girl, her en GET A LIFE
  2. K

    What is your fave quote from KH?

    "one who knows nothing can understand nothing" -ansem i think that sentence is so deep!!
  3. K

    This really freaks me out, look!

    no Kh2 happens one year after Kh 1 or CoM! although i have heard
  4. K

    Three Sora's

    everybody here's a newflash: it has no use of creating theories or arguing about light, dark and twilight!! its not that i am saying your wrong but you can argue about this for a really long f*cking time and you still wont have learned something new! what we all need is new INFO!!!!
  5. K

    This really freaks me out, look!

    according to science of logical minds she would have to be, why would they create a new red haired girl if they already have kairi!
  6. K

    This really freaks me out, look!

    well maybe destiny island has been evolving or something like that! builiding houses and shit
  7. K

    This really freaks me out, look!

    are the 2 pics both from Kh2?
  8. K

    Fan Movie

    NICE MOVIE you just made me a big fan!
  9. K

    Theory on Fusion Drive

    don't have the slightiest idea :)
  10. K

    Deep Dive = The Name of a World?

    give it a rest guys... it has no use
  11. K

    Deep Dive = The Name of a World?

    what the heck did you just said????? :s .........
  12. K

    Deep Dive = The Name of a World?

    btw riku also jumps down in asas doesnt he??
  13. K

    Anybody up for some review?

    i just starting playing kh1 again because i am getting obssessed by kh
  14. K

    Deep Dive = The Name of a World?

    hahahahah nice one
  15. K

    coolest video ever/in my thoughts

    just left click on the link and pick save target as.. and you can downlaod it
  16. K

    In dd/asas?

    its ok :) were in the same dmc2 club so its ok
  17. K

    Deep Dive = The Name of a World?

    lmfao = laughing my ing ass off : expression when you are laughing really loud in this case she is laughing with me:)
  18. K

    coolest video ever/in my thoughts

    it was nice i watched it 5 times in a row
  19. K

    who actually saw dd or asas when he beat the game not on this site

    you are not the only one my friend :)