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  1. breaktheice16

    This game is not meant to be played with contacts....

    Been trying to play with contacts on and it’s nearly impossible. This game requires minimal blinking and it dries them out and my vision gets blurry. My dog destroyed my glasses and I have to wait 3 weeks for a new pair to arrive. Ughhhhhhhhhh 😫😫😫 Rant over lol. Hope everyone else is enjoying...
  2. breaktheice16

    Smash Bros Brawl

    Unpopular opinion: This game is severely underrated. I honestly think it’s LOADS better than 3DS/Wii U. (Can’t say about Ultimate, because I haven’t played it.) The Subspace Emissary is fun and the story is engaging, it introduced us to amazing gameplay elements like Final Smashes and Assist...
  3. breaktheice16

    Persona 5 Royal

    I just started playing this. It’s the first Persona game I’ve played actually. I just finished the very first Palace and they’ve decided to go after more bad people. But I have to wonder, does the game pick up the pace after this? I’m enjoying it, but it doesn’t seem like I get to “play” so...
  4. breaktheice16

    2.8 Version 1.05 Update

    I just got an update for 2.8 that says “Various issues have been fixed.” I wonder what issues they are and why all of a sudden they’re releasing an update after so long.
  5. breaktheice16

    Wizard’s Relic

    Ughh why is this weapon such a pain to obtain???? It seems like Defender has a higher chance of dropping 😩😩😩
  6. breaktheice16

    Look what came in the mail today!

    I just applied it and it looks awesome! You really can’t see the effect when the screen it on. It’s so cool! 😄
  7. breaktheice16

    Worst Org XIII Data battle?

    Which was the worst battle in your opinion? Doesn’t necessarily have to do with if it was hard or easy, just that it wasn’t fun to you. I’d definitely have to say Xigbar. for that entire battle to rely on blocking was incredibly tedious and annoying. I think I only got the Showdown command 3...
  8. breaktheice16


    Not having Sephiroth in ReMind was such a missed opportunity, especially since he acknowledged that fans wanted it. It would have been great promo for FF7R. It wouldn’t even have to be a canon fight. A battle gate for it would’ve worked just fine. *sigh* But who knows? Maybe he is planning to...
  9. breaktheice16

    Damage indicators

    Does anyone else hate the new damage indicators they added with the update? I wish there was a way to turn them off.
  10. breaktheice16

    Classic elements you miss that were not in KH3

    List some things you miss that were present in 1 & 2 that you wish were in 3. For me, it would be: - Enemy dropped weapons for Donald and Goofy - Strike Raid! - Separate finishers for air and ground combos
  11. breaktheice16

    Oathkeeper broke my game

    Performed the Finish and the screen went completely white and never went back to normal. Hope it doesn’t happen again....
  12. breaktheice16

    I was hoping for a physical version

    Darn. I wish there was a physical “Final Mix” edition that included everything on the disc, kinda like FF15 Royal Edition. It would’ve been nice to have for collectors. 😪
  13. breaktheice16

    What are the most annoying enemies in the series?

    Out of all the Heartless, Nobodies, Unversed, and Dream Eaters (not including bosses), what are the most annoying to you? Here are my picks: Invisible Anchor Raider Hot Rod Assault Rider Devastator Emerald Blues Graveyard Neoshadow (in CoM) Tank Toppler Mandrake Drill Sye Aura Lion Dancer...
  14. breaktheice16

    My issues with KH3

    So now that I’ve had time to process and lose the delusion that KH3 is not as perfect as I believed it to be the first couple months after it’s release, here are my issues/complaints about the game, both story wise and gameplay wise. Don’t get me wrong, I still think it’s a fantastic game, and...
  15. breaktheice16

    KHUX promo!!!

    On Tinder!!! 😂😂😂😂 Grindr should be next! 😂😂😂
  16. breaktheice16

    Final Fantasy VIII Remastered coming 2019!!

    After years of wondering, FFVIII is finally being remastered and releasing this year on PS4, Xbox One, Steam, and Switch!!! • French developer Dotemu is assisting with the remaster. • Most of the the original version’s development team is working on the remaster, including Director...
  17. breaktheice16

    DLC preview at TGS?

    I know this is a long way away, but I can’t really see them previewing it at E3. I’m pretty sure Square’s focus at E3 with be FF7R (and MAYBE that Avengers project.) I see it more likely that actual footage will premiere at TGS with a winter release for it. I know that seems like forever...
  18. breaktheice16

    The Chamber of Repose

    Is anyone else bothered that we didn’t get any explanation for this room and it’s meaning? And Xigbar told Zexion that he heard someone else talking with Xemnas in there. I almost thought it could be related to Subject X, but seeing as Ansem tried to get ATW to tell him where she is, I doubt it...
  19. breaktheice16

    KH3 deleted scenes

    So we know of at least one deleted scene, or at least a deleted part of a scene, which is when Rex “introduces” Donald and Goofy as “Yozora’s” sidekicks. I’m wondering if there are any other deleted scenes or parts of scenes. Do you think they’d be restored in DLC? Idk why they deleted that...
  20. breaktheice16

    Donald and Goofy

    The bond Sora, Donald, and Goofy shared in this game honestly made me wanna cry lol. Donald and Goofy really seemed much more important than in past games and that is one of the best things about KH3. (Btw you can tell Nomura has heard the “Donald is useless” comments, especially after...