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  1. NotaHero21

    Wanting a PS3

    So I have what I need to get the system but ive been looking stuff up on the internet and am finding a hole bunch of stuff thats scaring the crap out of me, things like blu ray burn out and problems caused by the 3.0 firm ware update that are making the ps3s drop faster than the 360s during...
  2. NotaHero21


    I have been wondering for sometime now. There has been little discussion as to what exactly the drop gauge will mean for dream drop distance as far as game-play goes. Now I for one have a feeling that it may have something to do with Sora and Riku's jumping around like ninjas. I don't much have...
  3. NotaHero21

    Kingdom Hearts episode IV-VI

    So It has just occurred to me though I find this theory unpleasant, and hopefully unlikely to happen. Xehanorts "saga" is coming to an end, and I think it is mostly excepted that by the end of kh3's credits he will no longer exist, in any form... hopefully. This of course leads to the question...
  4. NotaHero21

    Already like it

    Hi I'm new here :D I guess I'm just looking forward to being around a fan base of sane people lol, been on other forums sites and people just take things to Siriusly there. It'll be nice to just be around people that are less 'extreme' with their opinion. Haha hopefuly