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  1. K

    Grandfather Paradox

    I don't know if anyone has seen this yet but I was looking around and I found this. I thought it was pretty interesting. What are your thoughts ?
  2. K

    Why do you come to the forums ?

    So seriously, why do you come ? =] you can choose more than 1 answer =p. If you choose Other - tell why you chose it.
  3. K

    Lord of The Flies

    I was just curious if anyone has read this book. If so, i would like your opinion of the book. I haven't read the book yet so i would like to know if it is worth reading.
  4. K

    What's your favorite genre ?

    What's yor favorite music genre?
  5. K

    The Daily Show / The Colbert Report

    Which Show is better to you?
  6. K

    Balls Of Fury?

    I was just curious if anyone has seen the movie yet ? It's great =p
  7. K

    New Member

    Hey there i'm new here to KHI. Well, I'm not exactly new because I've been here alot i just never took the time to register. Just wanted to say hi :thumbsup: