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    Spoilers ► So what is Kingdom Hearts definitive stance on Light and Darkness?

    I always wondered about what Kingdom Hearts most definitive stance on Light and Darkness? I am always confused by this as it seems as though Kingdom Hearts tries to preach balance between "Light" and "Darkness" but all the villains in the series use the power of "Darkness". I know Kingdom Hearts...
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    Spoilers ► Which version the Organization do you prefer: New Organization XIII vs Old Organization XIII?

    I remember when I was growing up, I really enjoyed the mini boss squad concept of some of the shonen series I actually watched. I really how the characters bounced off each other and how they really come to together as a unit. Organization XIII was one of them althought they overstay their...
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    Spoilers ► Why did people hate the idea of playing three separate stories in Birth by Sleep?

    It was a long time ago when I first heard of this but there are people who felt that the game had been one complete story as oppose to playing different stories with the same levels. I really like playing as other characters if only for the novelty but why did people hate the idea of playing as...
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    Kingdom Hearts and its ties to Buddhism

    I had heard once that Kingdom Hearts contains a lot of Buddhist themes that are present in the story. My question is: What are those Buddhist themes? And how do they influence the story of Kingdom Hearts?
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    Why do some fans hate the idea of Riku being a Keyblade master?

    I know this a decade late but why do some fans hate the idea of Riku being a Keyblade master over Sora?
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    Spoilers ► Where does Kingdom Hearts 1 fit in the current canon?

    Considering how Namine, Roxas and Xion were created some time during or after Sora became a heartless in Hollow Bastion before being restored by Kairi , where does Kingdom Hearts 1 fit in relation to the current canon? Has the main story of Kingdom Hearts 1 changed slightly from the original or...
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    Spoilers ► So how does everyone feel about Re:Mind? (Spoilers)

    Now that Re:Mind has been released, how does everyone here feel about it? Did you feel it delivered on its promises? And how does it compared to other games?
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    Would you play a Kingdom Hearts Monster Hunter-type game?

    Exactly what it says on the title. Would you play a Kingdom Hearts where you get hunt Heartless or "recruit" party members across the Kingdom Hearts universe? I know DDD is already on 3DS and PS4 but let spitball and say that a game like Monster Hunter exists in the Kingdom Hearts series? How...
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    What is a good setup for the Xion boss fight?

    Does anyone have any setups that will allow me to beat Xion easily?
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    Now that the Xehanort saga is over....what did you like/dislike about it?

    Exactly what it says on the title, what did you like about the story of the Xehanort trilogy? What did it do well? Where did it falter?
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    Best Weapons and Equipment for each character?

    Can anyone tell me the ideal setup for each character in the multiplayer game?
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    Could you still play online in this game?

    I had heard that you could still trade and battle the Pokemon DS games due to a feature in the game that still works even after all these years. I wonder if it this still applies to this game as well.
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    Help with Challenge Holo Missions?

    Can anyone help me with some of the Challenge runs especially the runs where I have to jump as little as possible, finish in record time or attack as little as possible runs?
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    Help/Support ► Being Thirty and feeling depressed about it?

    I had been thirty for almost a four months now but I still feel like my life is over and I feel basically worthless as now my life is over. I know people keep telling that thirty is not bad and is still considered to be young, I don't think I believe it as feels like my life is over. I know...
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    What part of the story of Kingdom Hearts that has been lost in translation?

    I read this document on the translation of King Hearts and let me say that this is an eye opener. It seems as though that the localization team messed up a few things causing confusion where they shouldn't be, I know it is not entirely bad and isn't all their fault but a lot of the nuance in...
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    Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix vs the Kingdom Hearts series

    You know it seems as though that gameplay wise, Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix has been considered to be the best in the series despite other games having just as much virtues as well as their flaws. It seems as though most people love the game due to it surprising amount of depth that the itself...
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    Following Pete: Easier said than done?

    I followed the rules of Day 72 mission yet I keep getting caught time and again. Can nayone give some tip so that I can have an easier time with the mission?
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    Why are people worried about the Situational Commands?

    I noticed that some of the more vocal people of the community don't really like all the gimmicks of the previous portable games. I will admit that they are perfect but the same can be said about Kingdom Hearts console games and they are still really fun despite their flaws. Now with the...
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    Is Sora at his most happiest in DDD? *spoilers*

    There was a listening to a reviewer where he mentions an interesting theory about Sora and his personality in DDD. I am not sure if people have heard this theory before but the reviewer mentioned that reason for Sora is at his most happiest now that he has friends back and there is no reason for...
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    Is Kingdom Hearts a tragedy?

    When I first got into the series, I use to think that Kingdom Hearts was action, adventure story about a boy going on an adventure to save the universe but recently I had been rethinking about Kingdom hearts and its themes. I wonder if we can call Kingdom Hearts a tragedy consider the arcs of...