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  1. K

    Sly 3

    I had a question about SLy 3 that i wanted to throw out. On the abilities screen their is an empty slot for me. I've beaten the game with 100% so why is that spot open? It doesn't seem like it was left their on purpose. Any one have any idea?
  2. K

    Fanfiction ► Tales of Drath: Clash of Worlds

    First of all, chapters won't come quick with this. This is my actual story that I'm going to publish when its done, so it has to be good. I only have five chapters right now. The chapters are long, so get ready. This is just a short prelude. Forgive me if all the stuff is jumbled. My computer...
  3. K

    Fire Emblem, Heartless Spawn

    This is my crazy, twisted version of, Fire Emblem! My favorite game. The War of the Stones Begins ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Long ago, the continent of Magvel was plagued by monsters. A band of heroes used five Sacred Stones to restore peace to the lad and imprison the source of thie evil: the Demon...
  4. K

    Fanfiction ► Lance: Quest for Riku

    This is the continuation of BHK Fanfic. If you've read it then you know what's going on. Otherwise, i'll tell you. No I won't. You'll have to read every LAST CHAPTER OF BHK FANFIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! -_- I'll continue when someone else posts. This will include, Kaze Krazy, KC...
  5. K

    don't put what in KH2?

    If anything, what would you NOT ant in kh2 that was in KH and KHCoM? I personally don't want gummi ships. Bt i already know something about that. Which you all probably know too. But what do you not want in KH2????
  6. K

    unknown 2 nobodies

  7. K

    The Unstoppable Army

    The Empire of the Dead Story--- A man named Drith looked to the sky. He kicked the horse he was riding and sped off. He rode far across the land, to the blackest, unhabited lands. He rode to the large mountain of Belk and slowed down the pace of the horse. He entered a cave in the side of the...
  8. K

    Dark Cloud 2

    who likes dark cloud 2? i personally hated the first one due to getting thirsty andweapons breaking. But who likes dark cloud 2. i love it. i'm in chapter 4 right now. post what you like about it.
  9. K


    edit=never mind i got it to work. but i can't get it smaller.
  10. K

    Cloud's Blade

    Whats the name of Cloud's blade? BE SERIOUS. I don't know. If you don't know put your guess but you could look for what it's really called. i need to know.
  11. K

    The fourteenth floor of castle oblivion

    Sora crossed the path. He saw a huge door. he ran at it with his friends. He pushed the door shut along with the help of his friends. His friends Riku and Mickey were trapped within. The doorway disappeared and a path stood before him. The castle showed large flower shaped domes. Sora stepped...
  12. K

    read this! eb release

    guess what. don't get mad. this is another release date thread. i was at the mall today and i stopped by ebgames. I asked the store guy if he knew anything about KH2. He looked in a book thing and has that ebgame is releasing KH2 on October 9th. Don't give me all that stuff about : THIS IS A...
  13. K

    subscribe threads

    how do u subscribe threads... and what does it mean. I have no idea.i'm new. i need help:confused:
  14. K

    Fanfiction ► BHK Fanfic

    Characters=BHK BLIND ANSEM DIZ MICKEY SORA CHAPTER 1 Blind stood cloaked on the high tower. Rain fell onto his cloak. He looked to the ground to see horde of heartless. Another cloaked kid came out of the shadows. HE calmly walked to the center of the horde. Neoshadows, Invisibles...
  15. K

    Auron VS. Sora

    Rip off of other one. (Auron vs. Sephiroth) who do u think would win Auron would woop sora. He's way to powerful.
  16. K

    Quote room

    since the quote game didn't work here's this. Put ONE quote in at a time. Double posting is OK here. Put quotes from KH TITLES ONLY OK!!!!!!!!! Here's mine= "One who knows nothing can understand nothing" -Ansem
  17. K


    hi everyone! i edited this cuz i'm not new anymore but u should welcome me anyways. don't call this spam cuz its short
  18. K


    i dont know if this iz in the right place but... did u know u can add to YOUR rep points? let alone add to other people's rep. i saw a thread about rep before. i'll add to the people's rep to whoever posts here.*wink,wink* i probably won't though. i'm not sure if that's allowed
  19. K

    Twilight Town

    what significance is twilight town? does anyone want to give their theory? what is t town's significane in KH? i think this should be answered. it seems partially obvious about what it is but is there any special secrets?
  20. K


    will their be cheatcodes in KH2? i don't want them but do u think their will be? KH2 would be weird with codes =:=big headed Sora =:=ore instead of keyblade it would just be wierd.