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    The better HQ version of the Secret Ending

    Heres the better version from Look A Space on GameFAQS High Quality KHIIFM Secret Mov - FileFront.com
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    *Possible Spoilers maybe* about the secret ending

    Secret ending theory about a knight and the floating Kingdom Hearts hey does this pic right here: mean that this could be roxas* or whoever it is* If they pics dont work: http://http://i68.photobucket.com/albums/i21/TheSilentSoldier/secretending006.jpg...
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    Happy Birthday!!!!!

    I wanted to say happy birthday to theses people of Feb 6, 2007!!!!!!! Saigner Noir, dudewithashotgun, nathan (25), Neo_Heartless (23), Ashensunset (22), Shadow_Heart (19), KH Player (18), crapBum (18), Bladewielder-24 (18), jebus (18), ~X~ (17), MiniMogger (17), itselguapo (17), snoopy_jane...
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    Brave and Wisdom

    Can u get wisdm form instead of brave form when u get ur new outfit just a question. And please dont flame me for askin if i cant just say no instead of telling me its realy old or something PLEASE. Thank you for ur time and goodnite ^_^
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    (Possible Spoiler's)Riku's Shell

    ok know i dont kno if im rite or not but its just something i got a strong feeling about. Know we all kno that the Orginzation is made up of shells from people with strong hearts that once lost there heart. For example: Sora's shell is Roxas, Kiari's shell is Namine but noone said anything about...
  6. B


    is it true that DIZ is a shell?
  7. B

    Kingdom Hearts 3

    will there be a 3rd?
  8. B

    Reverse Rebirth

    can you verse people with Riku
  9. B

    Sora vs Riku

    decide the winner and describe the fight if you can
  10. B

    Kingdom Hearts 2 in those Japanese Magazines

    where can you buy that online?
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    Create your own Keyblade

    Describe what it looks like or post the pic
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    Sora in Drive mode with dualkeyblades .vs. BHK

    you pick the winner and if you want discribe the battle.
  13. B

    KH2 game modes

    Is it true that you get to play as Riku abd BHK
  14. B

    Riku's mode

    Does Namine' change Rikus memorie too
  15. B

    Sora and axel

    whats the diffrence between sora and axel
  16. B

    Sora and Axel

    whats simaler between sora and axel
  17. B

    A KH battle royale

    Pick the fights between any KH character and decide the winner! example: Between soa and riku who would win
  18. B


    whats DIZ's purpose in KH2
  19. B

    New Villians for KH2

    why is captain Pete on KH2
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    Deed dive 2 uknowns theory

    Could this be possible that the unkown that step thru the rock could be Riku because those of you that have played Kingdom hearts Chain of memories and saw the ending of Sora's ending when the fake riku came back to life could it be possible that when the unkown that was sitting on the be...