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  1. K

    Fanfiction ► Final Fantasy VII: The warrior

    ~~Introduction~~ 7 years after the epic battle against Sephiroth, and the terror of Meteor, a warrior was spawned. There are stories about this warrior. It's said that he's as strong as Sephiroth was...or stronger. It is said that if anyone were to stand in his way in battle, they would be cut...
  2. K

    Fanfiction ► The life of Teh Shuggeh

    Well, its a documentary of my life on the forums, let's start from day 1 shall we. You will laugh, you will cry, you will mostly laugh though because life here...has been a hell a fun! I remember it like it happened yesterday, I was just a little newb with a stupid username which was...
  3. K

    See ya peaches

    Teh King also known as teh shugy is leaving teh lousy forums. Why because people suck, I'm trying to get my relationship back in order and you are all pawns in my game. It was fun pissing you all off and stuff but see ya. Oh yeah, Zexion pr whatever your knew gay name is, if you come back and...
  4. K

    Final Fantasy 8:The legendary Warriors

    Along with Salidify's help Leo Leonheart killed the android and brought peace among the world. years have went by after Salidify's death, he has wished he could find a way to bring him back. But one day as he was exploring some ruins with Seifer, he came across a stone tablet. On it was the...
  5. K

    Final Fantasy X-4:Spira's Strongest(retry)

    After Saquon and the gang defeated Zeek and Vagnasin life has been peaceful until the day when Spira's three leaders Nooj, Gippal and Baralai have announced a tournament to see who Spira's strongest is. One person being interested in the tournament decided to bring the greatest crusader and once...
  6. K

    Shugy Bear rp Club

    Boredom got the best of teh shuginator. This is kind of like and rp. I've noticed that there are alot of people joining forces and creating joined rp's so I thought(for once I think!) "Hey why not create a business of something of the sort. Where people can make trade ideas and combine ideas and...
  7. K

    Hero from the future

    In the year 2525, evil roams everywhere fortunately there is a hero who fights all of the villains. But one day one of them got free and went to the year 2005, See the villain wants to use the weapons from the future to take over the universe in the past. Being the courageous person she is one...
  8. K

    Zackstorm hate club

    All who hate Zackstorm say I "yells I really loud!" I've formed this because well... zackstorm is disgusting and a bastard.
  9. K

    Origin on Magic

    A long time ago a great darkness covered the land and all hope was lost but then 7 brave warriors somehow defeated the darkness but in doing so sacraficed their lives but before the darkness was defeated it said though i may be defeated i shall return in 500 hundred years to take my revenge upon...
  10. K

    Final Fantasy X-4:Spira's Strongest

    After Saquon and the gang defeated Zeek and Vagnasin life has been peaceful until the day when Spira's three leaders Nooj, Gippal and Baralai have announced a tournament to see who Spira's strongest is. One person being interested in the tournament decided to bring the greatest crusader and once...
  11. K

    Times of Chaos

    A man around his thirties walked into a room and in the middle was a pedestil with a crystal sword in the middle. "Finally my search has come to an end."He said. He walked up the stairway to it eyeing the dead bodies around it.He climbed the last few stairs a yanked it out. "Stop thief!"A...
  12. K

    Dark Spiral

    At Yamato High school, strange things are happening. People are dying, coming up missing etc. except for a small group of teens who have strange powers. It's there job to find out what's the cause of this and stopped it before the school is shut down for good. Rules no godmoding No pwerplaying...
  13. K

    Fight School-New generationfighters(kinda like ff8)

    In the fight school, certain people are signed up to be apart of a team called Nebula 51, the greatest fighters on earth. But some aren't fighters and just take the regular courses and become technical providers for them. This story consists of the four best fighters in the school and how...
  14. K

    Beyblade: Grand Tournament

    I sorta got this idea from the new season of yu-gi-oh Alright, this is the final beyblade tournament hosted by Mr.enson the current chairman of the BBA(Bey battle Association) before he hands it over to Hiro(Tyson's big brother). He has assembled 16 of the greatest beybladers in the whole world...
  15. K

    War on Earth

    2 years after the end of WW3, everything seemed peaceful until a group of aliens from space came down and invaded earth. They are called the savages and it seems no one can stop them. Until a young teen named Grey finds out how and it spreads across the world. There are generals which contain...
  16. K

    Dirge of Cerberus

    Dirge of Cerberus has it's own site now, here's the link http://www.square-enix.co.jp/games/ps2/dcff7/ And check out the video, the story and stuff is in japanese so good luck reading it. It also has Character profiles in japanese and the video is in japanese to.Look for Yuffie in her kh...
  17. K

    Devil May Cry: Dirge of Cerberus

    Someone is trying to open the gates of hell, using the almighty Dirge of Cerberus(a jewel).Dante, Trish, and Lucia have all tried but each time they failed.Now it's time for the children of Dante to help out alongside Vergil who has his reasons for helping them find Dante. Will they fail or...
  18. K

    Final Fantasy VIII:Liberi Fatali

    It's back once again and I hope it's the last time to. The story so far: Leo(me) and chloe(heartlesshunter) had there exams with Quistis there parents and Leo's older brother Hirumi and stuff, when they got back to balamb they were being attacked and Squall died, then Seifer took him and Chloe...
  19. K

    KH,Inuyasha Legend of Zelda:Keepers of the Triforce

    In the land of Hyrule,there is the triforce something more powerful than the shikon jewel.In a great battle Link the holder of the triforce of courage,defeated Ganondorf and took his triforce but afterwards the triforce was scattered everywhere.Not only on there but all across the...
  20. K

    Inter Stellar tournament

    The great fighters of the universes collide in the greatest tournament of all time.Some fight for fame some fight for fortune and others fight for power.I can't think of a storyline so we make this one up as we go along. Template Name: Age: Appearance: Weapon: Figting for: mine Name:Grey...