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    Path to Redemption (Original RP)

    Five Years Ago... In a world called Orethia where technology and magic coincide, the world is facing the end of a golden age as the king of the land of Boronas disappears, and his replacement declares war on the neighboring country of Weilan. One of the COs of his army is a man by the name of...
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    Bomb Casters

    Holding a metallic suitcase, the man with spiky silver hair was running through the corridor. He turned the corner and walked through a door into a shady crumbling room. From the two side doors of the rooms, a group of men ran through, they immediately gave chase to the man. While running, the...
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    Craft Story RP

    Leonheart here, and I'm relatively new to this site, but I'd like to give a shot at creating a RP here. I have a general idea for an RP, but it's sort of bare right now and I could definitely use some help. So if anyone is willing to Co-GM with me, then please PM me.
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    Kingdom Hearts: ASAS 1.5

    This is a sequel of Kingdom Hearts:ASAS from the Kingdom Key forums. During the events of the 15 Key Clan, there was another force at large: The Keepers of Heart. The KoP were an ancient clan of thousands, each with their own special power. Their job was to protect the ancient treasure: The...