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Search results

  1. D

    Best Keyblade Warrior

    king mickey bc he is the king duh
  2. D

    Is it just me or....

    i seen the "S" but nothing more
  3. D

    Do you like this game?

    i liked it that it was on the GBA but the card battle i was not a big fan about
  4. D

    Question about the secret ending of KH2

    the old dude looks old but cool and he looks like he would be hard to beat
  5. D

    who would u pick

    who would u pick to be in ur patry and Y?
  6. D

    KH2 Pirate Guns

    who cares if there was guns or not it was a really good game
  7. D

    Which organization member would win in a fight

    to bad demyx was not in chain but axel was :)
  8. D


    i will try to lol but it will be hard and long
  9. D


    i would try to beat him if my control worked bc its all jacked up :(
  10. D

    Opinion on Demyx

    demyx is the best ppl that i cant stand say he suks but he does not he does not fight good but come on if he would try i think he could fight p.s Dance Water Dance
  11. D

    will it Yes or No

    will kh go to the xbox :confused:
  12. D

    Most Annoying Boss

    Vexen was dumb:thumbdown::thumbdown:
  13. D

    BBS Worlds

    alot of new worlds would be good
  14. D

    who do you think is the best fighting style in Organization XII?

    i say in order 1.Demyx 2.Axel 3.Roxas :thumbup:
  15. D

    what do u think

    u pick yes or no was he hard the last time u battled him srry guys and girl i messed up i needed to put maybe
  16. D

    Xaldin Question?

    he was hard to me bc my control is all messed up but when it was not i give him a 8
  17. D

    who would win?

    who would win if these ppl v.s
  18. D

    fav. world

    Whats ur fav. world in kh2
  19. D

    fav. world

    Whats ur fav. worl in kh2
  20. D

    fav. world

    Whats ur Fav. worl in kh1