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    I'm back

    Hey sorry those of you that were wondering where I was at, I was doing lots of school work. I had to direct some videos and I had a few personaly problems. I'll be on again from now on. Again sorry.
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    Violence. Is it pointless?

    I've heard this argued a lot. So what do you think? Is violence pointless? As in war or fighting. Is War pointless? Is violence in general pointless?
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    Dante vs Vergil vs Sparda

    Who would win in this battle btween father and sons? Give who and your reason of why they would wint the free for all. I say Dante because he surpassed his father when he defeated Mundus.
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    Does anyone have or know where to get?

    Yes me and a few friends heard Simple and Clean but it was the rock version. Does anyone have it or know where to get it? If so can you give me a link or tell me where to get it.
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    Is anyone not happy with their religion?

    Who is not happy with their religion? I am not happy with mine because of the people associated with it. Yes there are good people in mine but there are just so many bad ones.
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    Eaters of the Dead

    Has anyone read this book? I read it along time ago i thought it ws good and they did a good job on the movie, The 13th Warrior.
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    The Legend of Dragoon

    Has anyone played this game? I did and i really liked the battle system. Sorry if this was already done but i didn't see one. Anyways who has played this game and what did you think?
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    Phantom of the Opera Fanclub!

    For those who have read the book, seen the movie or play. This fanclub is dedicated anything Phantom related.
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    Highlander Anyone?

    Has anyone ever seen this show/movies? I have and i thought that they were cool. I wanted to know if anyone else has seen this show and if so to talk about it.
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    Happy Birthday DanceWaterDance

    Everyone say happy birhtday to DWD one of the greates graphic makers. Happy birthday DanceWaterDance
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    Information on the Fourth

    I was wondering have they ever gone deeper into the story of the Fourth Hokage? I don't know if i missed it or they simply just left it a mystery.
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    Who thinks that Saix should be the leader of the orginization?

    Who thinks that Saix should be the leader of the orginization? (sorry if i did this wrong its my first thread)