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    Character Reference Guide

    forgive me if this has already been created but action must be taken. in many sections, particually the KH ones, short reference terms have been given to those with important meanings, ie. master xehanort or dark soldier. although in each seperate thread some users have changed the more...
  2. C

    Riku's Nobody

    ok this may make no sense and is probably way of what will/actually happen but this is my theory anyway whan riku turned to darkness he became stronger than sora , except it made his heart weak, so then when sora took back his keyblade after riku had stolen it , he ran away wondering why he...
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    My Namine Theory

    ok i just beat KH2 for the 10 millionth time and i was paying close attention to the final few film-clips when i noticed something that made me quite frustrated. many of you out there say that Namine is not a nobody as she is proven to have none of the qualities of one, and that she must be...
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    My xion theory

    hey i know theres probably been tones of these but heres my idea on xions creation. it'll probably be able to be proven comletely wrong so feel free to correct me. ok as we all kairi lost her heart in KH1 and being a PoH she created no heartless and creating Namine (in my theory) then...
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    Favourite Keyblade/s

    hey just wandering about keyblades and i figured id like to know your favourite keyblades or combinations. also if youve got any new ideas for what yuo want a keyblade to look like and the best person to have it. this is what i mean my favourite actual keybalde is way to dawn my...
  6. C

    max strength, magic,ap and defense?

    this is a little diffrent but i know almost everyone has beat kh2 100% with max drives and level 100 and what not but has anybody ever actually got there magic, strength, defense to as high as they can go and also got there ap high enough to have everything on at once i know magic...