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  1. Z

    Call Of Duty 5:World at war

    Screenshots British Gaming Blog » First Call of Duty 5 Screenshots (Magazine Scans) Im a little dissapointed that they decided to head back to WW2 but at least some of it will take place in the Pacific theater and playing as the soviets is always fun. Discuss.
  2. Z

    poor hitler

    YouTube - Hitler Gets Banned (His Ultimate Downfall)
  3. Z


    Every body knows about vick and his weed in a bottle guess what it wasant weed it was.............lint XD no joke http://msn.foxsports.com/nfl/story/6393810?FSO1&ATT=HMA
  4. Z

    what r u more excited for

    KhFm or Re Com i just wanted to know everyones opinions imo im more excited for Re com I thought com was so much better then Kh2 its going to be awsome battling everyone in 3d with voices!
  5. Z

    Kel Mitchell

    He died on sunday and the reason for his is death is unknown as of now. its pretty sad i remember watching kenan and kill that night on an old video tape and then i heard he died i was so sad T.T
  6. Z

    Ichigo Vs Inuyasha

    who would win in a fight? debate
  7. Z

    Horror Films

    Has anyone noticed how horror films arent really scary anymore there just really gorey. dose any one agree? disagree? discuss.
  8. Z


    Jet Li unleashed looks like its going to be an awsome movie from what i saw on the preview. do you guys think that this movie is going to be good or terrible?
  9. Z

    Favorite bleach character

    whos your favorite. mines is kenpach he pwns all!
  10. Z

    Fat Kids Vs Emo kids Battle of the century

    Who would win in this battle my money goes on the fat kids!
  11. Z

    ansem vs xemnas

    who would win i f these actually had to duke i put my money on ansem just b/c he was hard to beat in the first game... what do you guys think?
  12. Z

    halo graphic novel

    i dont know if this is old or not but i was watching attack of the show and they said that marvel would be releasing a graphic novel for halo... sounds cool no?
  13. Z

    Guess Whos pregnant now....

    Anna Nicole smith aint that a whoot. and she has her own site and if you pay $5 she'll talk to you about her preganancy until the day the she gives birth....sounds dumb but it is very true.
  14. Z

    Metroid Prime:Hunters friend code sharing thread

    Friend codes If you have a friend code post it here mines is :244884908049 Name: Juggernaut
  15. Z

    The omen

    Who else is going to go see the movie it looks pretty cool. looks like it would have lots of gore and violince but also it looks like a whole bunch of people are going to get pwnd! Awsome!
  16. Z

    fable 2 teaser trailer

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zaITATr2C9c&search=fable%202 Fable2 everybody! looks alot better than the first and hopefully its loneger!
  17. Z


    Im sorry if this has been brought up before but i just had to ask this.... Has anyone noticed that mtv has turned into a non stop realality tv station. i mean its called MTV music televison yet you only see music in the wee hours of the morning! And the shows are so lame and retarted like for...
  18. Z

    favorite organization member

    personally my favorite is axel sry i didnt put the other 3 poll max is 10
  19. Z

    whats your favorite movie genre?

    I need at lesat 50 people to vote in the next 7 days for a school assingment. Thnks for the help people!
  20. Z


    who else thinks that cartoons of 90s were way better than the cartoons of today.