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  1. Wallflower3582

    Spoilers. dont enter fi you havent beat DLC.

    Honestly it just takes time. I had to fight Vanitas like fifty times (it was infuriating but necessary) before muscle memory started kicking in and my reflexes improved, I was just a bit out of practice. After that everything clicked and I was able to finish most of the limit cut bosses (except...
  2. Wallflower3582

    Despite being A Fun world the Caribbean still felt unfinished...

    Huh. Thanks, I guess missed that interview. Still, no matter where in development it took place, it was kinda disappointing to me. I feel like they could have done so much more with it.
  3. Wallflower3582

    Remind scenario parts I didn't quite understood

    Time was rewound to the point right before Terra-Nort wiped them out. Time began progressing from that point much like it did the first time, but as Namine had reached out to Lingering Will, there was a new event that triggered a change, giving them a new ending. The version of time where they...
  4. Wallflower3582

    Remind scenario parts I didn't quite understood

    I don't know for sure what the answer to question #1 is, like everyone else, but the way my brain sort of explained it without me realizing it is this: the first time Sora used the power of waking to rewind time and restore the Guardians hearts to the moment before everything went wrong. At that...
  5. Wallflower3582

    Next game in the series…

    (Np. If you're curious, you can just do [B] In case you wanted to know. 😊)
  6. Wallflower3582

    News ► Project Xehanort official title revealed: KINGDOM HEARTS Dark Road

    It's ok… I would have preferred Dark Path at the very least. I didn't even participate because my reaction to a guess the name contest was "we have to guess the name of a game in a series where the name of one game is a literally just a fraction and complete gibberish like Kingdom Hearts 3D...
  7. Wallflower3582

    Next game in the series…

    Not sure if this has been discussed elsewhere and I just missed it, but… Not too long ago we got that interview with Tai Yasue and Nomura, in which Nomura said that there was a game coming unexpectedly soon. Right after that Project Xehanort (Dark Road) was announced, and I for some reason...
  8. Wallflower3582

    Favorite character up until now and why?

    Favorite character: Riku, because he has the best character arc and development. He started as a presumptuous young kid who was obsessed with reaching his goals, no matter the means. Ultimately that led to him falling to darkness, and he had to endure and overcome a lot of trauma because of...
  9. Wallflower3582

    Despite being A Fun world the Caribbean still felt unfinished...

    I remember there was an interview way back before KH3 came out, when they first announced Pirates in KH3, where they asked Nomura why he chose to skip the second movie and go straight to the third. He said: The second and the third movie are connected and the second movie doesn't really have an...
  10. Wallflower3582

    Where would you Rank kairi “gameplay wise” compare to the other keyblade wielders?

    *gasp* you didn't enjoy playing as Roxas?? I wasn't really expecting to enjoy his battle so much, especially after I was a little underwhelmed by Riku and Aqua's fights, but I thought his moveset was epic. I legit felt like a boss with his teleportation move, it just felt like it hit so hard...
  11. Wallflower3582

    my Problem with pro players>< in KH

    I agree wholeheartedly. After struggling to beat my first boss in the limit cut episode, I knew there was no way I could physically beat them all before I had the ending ruined for me with some anticlimactic spoiler, so I had to look up the secret episode on YouTube just so I could enjoy it on...
  12. Wallflower3582

    Would you play a KH spin off in a different gaming genre?

    The level of commitment I have to this series unfortunately means that I would play a KH game in any and all of those genres, whether I think they're a good idea or not lol That aside, I would love nothing more than an open world style game in KH. I know it's so not like the rest of the series...
  13. Wallflower3582

    Spoilers - Theory about a definitive edition

    I like the concept, but I'm not sure if that would really help the pacing much once you got to the ReMind scenario. One of the complaints people had about the whole KG segment in the first place was that it felt like fight after fight after fight, and throwing ReMind in after the climax of...
  14. Wallflower3582

    my Problem with pro players>< in KH

    🤔 I fall in between good and pro, but I do it because I genuinely enjoy the challenge. Games are called games for a reason, they're something you play to have a good time. If you enjoy harder modes like I do, then good for you. That doesn't make you better (though sometimes people literally do...
  15. Wallflower3582

    NO SPOILERS PLEASE: Anyone Else Have Problems With Limit Cut Boss Fights

    This is mostly true, I used this strategy quite a bit, but there's like one frame in-between spamming triangle to power up where you're not invincible, and I've been laid out a few times cos of it…
  16. Wallflower3582

    NO SPOILERS PLEASE: Anyone Else Have Problems With Limit Cut Boss Fights

    Yeah after like three hours and fifty attempts on just one boss I wanted to throw things too lol But it does make it all that much more satisfying when you do finally get it. I guess that's why we put ourselves through this torment
  17. Wallflower3582

    NO SPOILERS PLEASE: Anyone Else Have Problems With Limit Cut Boss Fights

    These fights are mayhem. So far I've only beat Vanitas, after spending several hours on it, so he's the only one I can help you with, but I think the best advice for all of them is to learn their movesets and develop specific counters. (I'm on proud, level 99 with Ultima). Equip an accessory...
  18. Wallflower3582

    Spoilers ► Theory: Luxord (Re Mind secret ending spoilers)

    Well, we know keyblades are a thing in Yozora's universe based off of the skull and crossed keyblades design on his sleeves. Xemnas did say that they had an ancient keyblade legacy, but not necessarily which exact dimension, war, or time they were from, so I wouldn't be too surprised if some of...
  19. Wallflower3582

    Where would you Rank kairi “gameplay wise” compare to the other keyblade wielders?

    I was blown away by how much fun she was to play. She legit felt like a powerhouse, and it seemed like that tough girl vibe got to shine again through her combat style! 10/10 would recommend. Before I didn't really care, but now I feel I definitely would enjoy a game where she's the main...