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  1. KudoTsurugi

    Possibly delay to 2019?

    Okay, so I found this account on Instagram for Kingdom Hearts called 'kingdomheartsinside', run by Tai Yasue. Anyway, one of the most recent posts read "KINGDOM HEARTS III 2018 OR 2019 CONFERENCE WITH THE TEAM AND TETSUYA NOMURA! #DELAYORNODELAY" Evidence supporting it as an official account are...
  2. KudoTsurugi

    'Everything Wrong with Kingdom Hearts' CinemaSins parodies by Charrii5

    Like CinemaSins? Like Kingdom Hearts (of course you do)? Put 'em together and what do you get? This: Not sure if people know about this, but I figured you might get a good chuckle out of it.
  3. KudoTsurugi

    Hiya :)

    Hello, I'm KudoTsurugi. I normally go by Tsurugi on other forums, but since there's already a user under that name here, you can just call me Kudo to save confusion. Long time Kingdom Hearts fan, been with the series roughly around the beginning. I remember seeing trailers for it and seeing it...