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  1. appleboy82791

    Which should we play first, 0.2 or KHX Back Cover?

    I wanted to start a discussion about the order we should play 2.8 in when it comes out in January. Obviously for most of us, we've already played KH3D and Nomura has said that there won't be new content in KH3DHD. So I think I speak for most of us when I say KH3D is the lowest priority in 2.8...
  2. appleboy82791

    KHUX NA Medal Rankings

    A friend and I have finally finished creating our own rankings for the KHUX NA medals only. This is something I know we've been needing for a long time. Too many of the ranking/tier lists out there catered mostly to the JP medals and rarely accounted for the differences between the versions...
  3. appleboy82791

    We NEED a NA Medal Tier List

    There are so many medal tier lists out there but most of them are for KHUX JP. A couple that I've found show both JP and NA medals but don't account for the differences in the same character medals between the 2 versions (i.e. the Zootopia Medals). And some other lists out there simply list all...
  4. appleboy82791

    The Organization of the Remixes was short-sighted

    I wanted to bring up something I don't think anyone has really talked about on here before. But I'm sure other out there have thought about this. I think that the Remixes should have been set up differently. I'm not really talking about 1.5, mainly just how 2.5 and 2.8 should've been different...
  5. appleboy82791

    When will we see story updates? (English version)

    Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone had insight as to when we will be seeing story updates for the English version of KHUX. Will we see updates just as quickly as the Japanese version? If that's the case we will probably always be 6 or 7 months behind the Japanese KHUX. Or do you guys think we...
  6. appleboy82791

    Deeper Meaning to the Poems at the End of Re:CoM?

    So I've been replaying all the KH games a lot and came across the poems at the end of Re:CoM... Sora's playthrough: Riku's playthrough: So I never gave these poems much thought before but now I feel like there is almost definitely some deeper meaning to them. I think they probably foreshadow...
  7. appleboy82791

    What is Cable Town?

    Hey guys, I've been reading the forums quite a bit lately and I've been surprised to hear about something called "Cable Town". I'm surprised that I haven't heard of this before. I never miss KH news so I have no idea how I don't know anything about it. What is it? Where did fans first hear...