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    Desperate Housewives

    Come on, anyone else out there like this show?
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    Dead Poets Society

    Great movie, awesome movie. If you've never seen it, I suggest seeing it. But if anyone has seen it, let's discuss it.
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    Orlando Bloom

    Time to bring back this thread. Did anyone see Elizabethtown? I didn't like it at all. thumbs down.
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    The Legend of Zorro

    Anyone seen it? I thought it wasn't going to be very good, but I loved it. The first one is good too, the Mask of Zorro. Has anyone seen either?
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    Has anyone read this book? We are reading it in class now and I am so confused.
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    Tomb Raider

    Has anyone seen Tomb Raider or the Cradle of Life? I own both, they are great movies in my opinion.
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    Just saw it a couple of hours ago. It's a good story, but I think they should've gotten a different director. It went very slow in the beginning. Anyway, if anyone else sees it, tell me what you thought of it.
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    Tuesdays With Morrie

    Has anyone read it? It's a very good book and I suggest reading it.
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    Favorite James Bond Movie

    I feel random. So yeah, which is your favorite?
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    Boy's Life

    I'm reading it in school right now. It's very good. Has anyone read it or heard of it?
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    Artemis Fowl

    I read these a couple of years ago. Did anyone ever read them?
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    Corpse Bride

    I saw it on opening night, it was really good in my opinion. But I still think Nightmare Before Christmas is better.
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    Ergo Proxy

    Take a look at this.
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    The Skeleton Key

    Just saw this yesterday. I thought it was okay, although it wasn't really that scary.
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    The Cave

    Just saw a commercial for it yesterday. Anyone gonna go see it?
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    What's your favorite magazine

    What the title says. Mine is Teen People and Newtype.
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    Galaxy Angel

    Anyone like this anime? The manga is hilarious.
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    Orlando Bloom

    Anyone here like him or likes his movies?
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    Evil Zone

    Has anyone ever heard of the anime fighting game Evil Zone or have you ever played it? It is for PS1.
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    Fav. line from an anime or manga

    "If your having fun, enjoy it. If your angry, then get angry. And when you want to cry, go ahead and cry your heart out. You'll feel a lot better after a good cry. And then you'll be able to laugh again. I think thats a lot better then...keeping it inside and forcing yourself to smile...." -...