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  1. Izayoi

    Fanfiction ► The ORG Part 2: The Apprentice

    I'm beginning posting this a year after I begun the Intermission, which really says a lot. I spent about 8 months on Part 1, which amounted to 40 or so chapters, yet spent 365 days on a much much shorter story. You guys must hate me. Part 2, as the title suggests, is going to have a lot of...
  2. Izayoi

    Fanfiction ► The ORG Intermission: Enmity [Completed - Editing in progress]]

    Here we are, the exciting Part 1.5 that everyone's been waiting for! What could happen? Who knows. I know there have been a lot of theories out there on what this could have to do with the epic story I have been composing. Annnnnd yes correct good job everyone in guessing correctly it's a...
  3. Izayoi

    Hivebent: New Game+

    Alternia. Eight Trolls; friends, mutual or otherwise, were brought together by paradoxical contrived events to play a game. They all had different backgrounds, and were dotted along different parts of the hemospectrum. A month before she reached the age of six solar sweeps, potential Hero of...
  4. Izayoi

    Hivebent: New Game+ [Dicussion Thread]

    Hivebent: New Game+ Congratulations! You’ve won Hivebent! You now have the option to play the game over from scratch. This new play-through will reset your universe just right, so that you may play a new session on a harder difficulty while starting from the same planet as you did in your...
  5. Izayoi

    Homestuck RP

    Opinions. Plot? Number of participants? Who would be interested? There are some concrete ideas that I've already decided on, but others I would like to hear from all the other fans on here. Basically, it will not at all be affiliated with the canon, for the sake of letting us be creative as...
  6. Izayoi

    Fanfiction ► The ORG [Completed]

    Ahem. Over the years a certain (award-winning) role play has always managed to pop up in some reincarnation. This is the one for this week. But, really. Organization XV was always great, and we always had really good ideas to make the next iteration better and extra awesome. Often times...most...
  7. Izayoi

    "who will i eat ice cream with"

    Mistake or not for being put into the scene like that, did anyone think that it really was sort of sad in context and didn't ruin the moment?
  8. Izayoi

    Juggling Two PS3's

    My issue is that I've owned a PS3 for a couple years, however I am restricted to having it only at my father's house and I can only play it a couple times a month. Needless to say it drives me a little insane sometimes. So, my question is, would it be appropriate to get a second PS3 (for...
  9. Izayoi

    QQ on PS3/TV compatability

    I know that you can play BBS online through the PS3 via Ad-Hoc and stuff, but is there a way to play the game through my television or Playstation, just using the television as a monitor? I thought that I saw somewhere that I need a special AV cable or something, since I'm pretty sure Remote...
  10. Izayoi

    An Aesthetic Observation

    Just something that struck me as kind of cool and mysterious. Now I haven't beaten the game yet or anything, but I have reached Keyblade Graveyard on Terra's mode, so I'm like a third of the way there. In all my spoiling, however, I had never seen the rest of the level outside of boss battle...
  11. Izayoi

    Re:Organization XV

    Re:Organization XV The World That Never Was, black and abysmal, the dark city skyscrapers contrasting with a stark white castle hovering above them all. Each blackened tower, almost trying to reach up to the inhumanly geometric architecture, stood in silence. There was lack of sound, lack of...
  12. Izayoi

    The Terminal [Sign-ups/OOC]

    A Yugioh RP! NO WAIT What I’m presenting here is something new, a fantasy-adventure roleplay that is simply Yugioh-based. Something unique, and designed to attract all kinds of roleplayers, including those that don’t even know about Yugioh so much. How will this all play out though, and what...
  13. Izayoi

    Yugioh RP Proposition

    I've been in like what, two or three Yugioh RP's in the past, and I've learned that even with good roleplayers in it, there always comes the problem of the actual card game itself- even when teo people can make it work, there's so many problems with response to actions and skipping the...
  14. Izayoi

    The KC International Battle Royal [OOC Thread]

    Made so the new owner of the RP can edit the first post and such. The original post, by founder Arzael. The Duelists (to be updated with completed profiles later): Izayoi - Szyszlo Vargel Zero - Raymond Ramirez sephiroth2 - Sleif Destati InnerPeace - Nigel Applecobb Flower - Sayuri Aisuru...
  15. Izayoi

    The KC International Battle Royal: "Duel Monsters Revolution! Infinite Threat!"

    The clear blue sky. The glistening sea. The empowering smell of competition. The knowledge that this day will be the beginning something amazing and unfathomable. That's the scene at the Kaiba Dome, newly remodeled. White, silvery, sleek metal in an enormous eliptical shape. It no longer...
  16. Izayoi

    Two fun heart-related questions

    Both short but to the point about things that bugged me. First off, Terra, and how his body just seems to be a magnet to hearts. We have normal Terra, who has one heart and his Keyblade as normal. That seems about right, until he apparently houses Eraqus' heart inside of his after killing him...
  17. Izayoi

    Fanfiction ► Remorse [KH AU]

    Thank you for giving this fic your attention. I've been planning and writing drafts for this fic for nearly a year now, and am finally getting it out. It's a Kingodm Hearts fan fiction, with plenty of OC's, but really tries to take the settings ans terms of the KH universe rather than writing...
  18. Izayoi

    Fanfiction ► Remorse [A KH AU Fic]

    The idea to this as a fanfiction wasn't to go strictly by the rules of the KH universe, but to take the terms and such and put them into my own story. You'll see many KH elements here, but under different contexts. I'm hoping my writing is passable, as I've been told it's good but have never...
  19. Izayoi

    <~> The Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG/OCG Fanclub <~>

    ~The Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG/OCG Fanclub~ So, due to all the discussion of the trading card game going down in the Yugioh anime thread, I and a few others only thought it right that we have a specified place to discuss the card game as well. Not like we'll be picky though, it's effing Forum Insanity...
  20. Izayoi

    Question regarding Xion/Xigbar/Ven scene

    From what I understand, the scene in which Xigbar sees Xion and instead sees her as Ven instead of her usual self, is because Xigbar may have at one point seen Ven, and somehow those memories projected themselves onto Xion, allowing him to so Ven. This is what I've collected, and I'd like to...