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  1. haseo47

    Back for good?

    This is like my third time coming back, but sup. Hope to reconnect with some old friends if they are still around. Hope everyone's been well!
  2. haseo47

    Yo, I keep forgetting this site exist and I remember every couple of months. Anyways it's been probably 4 years since I was really active on this site and hope some people still remember me! Anything new? Hoping to get reconnected with some old friends!
  3. haseo47


    Well I decided to return, again. Not sure if I'm remembered out there but if anyone does remember lets catch up! It's been forever since I've been on here but I want to be an active member of the forums again. Been so long.
  4. haseo47


    I'm going to post up some of my artwork in here as soon as I can get good pictures.
  5. haseo47

    My drawings.

    Sorry for the sucky quality, had to take it with my iPod. Can't find the camera. I'll post more pictures, but what do you all think?
  6. haseo47


    Well I haven't been on here in forever. It would be nice to talk to people again.
  7. haseo47

    Tell me what you guys think.

    I wrote this a month or two ago...when I was madly in love with this guy. For once I felt true love and I was f***** over. I wrote this about him and...everytime I read this...it's hard for me. So, please tell me what you guys think, I'd appreciate it. Thanks. Where does this path lead, I’m...
  8. haseo47

    Hey all

    So yeah. I've been on here for a while and I disappeared because of internet issues for like a few months or so. I came back and pretty much everyone I talked to is gone .-. I'd like to talk, get to know more people on here again.
  9. haseo47

    does this make anyone else mad??

    IDK if this is even in the right place to be posting, so someone tell me. Well, anyways, this is probably me but it pisses me off then games are made only for one place. for example, Nier Gestalt and Nier Repicant. I was excited for Nier Replicant, not Gestalt, only to find out Replicant is...
  10. haseo47

    My Artwork :]

    Can you guys tell me if i'm ANY good at all. (yeah...erase marks >.<, haha, tryin not to erase so much)
  11. haseo47

    A Story (My first try)

    Chapter 1 The Sun made its way through a split in the curtains, bringing light to the bedroom shrouded in darkness. A young man at the age of seventeen, lay sleeping peacefully, only to be woken up by the little glimmer of light. “Xander, time to wake up! You don’t want to miss your last day of...
  12. haseo47

    Escape The Fate

    Yo, anyone here listen to Escape The Fate? They are the best band out there to me. Love, love, love em! Some of the songs I like best from them is Situations, The Flood, My Apocalypse, and Reverse This Curse. So, anyone else like this band? Just wondering.
  13. haseo47


    This is for Tokio Hotel fans only. I don't want any haters of them here. This is just to discuss about them, what you like, and all that stuff. If your a hater, i'll report you for abuse :) (lol, jk)...oh and especially, NO CALLING BILL GAY EITHER(or any of them)!!!!!!!!!!Well, thats it...
  14. haseo47

    Riku and Sora Connected?!?!?!?

    ok, if there is already a thread discussing this then i'm sorry because i didn't know. Anyways, i just realized that, how in KH1 they say when 2 people share the paupo fruit, their destinies are intertwined forever. Since Riku gave the fruit to Sora ( to give to Kairi) wouldn't that mean Riku...