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  1. Z


    What would you like to see in the future Olympus Coliseum? (since it doesn't appear to be leaving Kingdom Hearts anytime soon) I would kinda like to see something more like the Coliseum from Kingdom Hearts, but I want it to be more challenging and give up (for reasons that should be obvious...
  2. Z


    Was anyone else hoping for the Titans to return. I wanted to fight all four at the same time, that would have been pretty sweet.
  3. Z

    Happy Brithday Sam

    who turned 19 today. they grow up so fast. hehehe. anyway HAPPY BIRTHDAY Shelby
  4. Z

    Question about Riku

    When Leon says that everyone forgot about Sora for that year and it appears that even Kairi forgot, why is it that Riku seems to remember (and it appears the King remembered as well) ?
  5. Z

    Fanfiction ► Bringing The End To An Era

    Prologue At the start of the third century, two great nations battled it out for dominance. The war raged on till modern day where King Xemnas has taken the throne. The council, being considered the senate of the land, decided that in order to win the war, a special ops team made of the lower 6...
  6. Z

    The revarai20 fanclub

    This one was for you Kels. Members List Amicus Freedom Zephyr Dawning Twilight Candy Fair Infinite Mystery Sora/Riku/Kairi Elorah Midnight Star Nelo Angelo Lycanthrope Strawberry
  7. Z

    Senator Chuck Grassley Fanclub

    This guy needs a fanclub because he got the nail on the head about what the AGI executives should do after they used government bailout money to fuel their bonus' Grassley on AIG execs: Quit or suicide jjI42Zqo3WQ
  8. Z

    The Offical Avenged Sevenfold Thread

    Great Band, seen them in concert many times and I have to say they are my favorite band by far. Discuss their awesomeness
  9. Z

    Lit ► MacBeth

    I had to read this for AP (Lit obviously). It's an amazing play. MacBeth is your typical war hero gone darkside. I found it funny how
  10. Z

    Underworld: Rise of the Lycans

    Didn't see one for this movie. I thought it was really good.
  11. Z

    Take Riku If You Can.....Again!

    This is the rebirth of a game that some of my friends and I used to play. I take Riku and drive away. Take him if you can.
  12. Z

    Kingdom Hearts CCG

    I did a search for this topic but the database had an error so if there is one already blame the database. Basically I want to know if anyone played this CCG? It's really cool and I'm looking for more people that play/want to play. I'm looking forward to the release of the Organization Player...
  13. Z

    Fanfiction ► The Letter (Song Fic)

    This is a oneshot, comment please. Kairi picked up the bottle that contained the note that seemed to come from the ocean itself. As she sat on the beach, she wondered what the message contained. She hoped that it was from Sora, she had seen him since Riku and him were trapped in the World...
  14. Z

    The Ultima Star Fanclub

    My twin sister deserves a fanclub for her awesome graphic skills and dammit she's getting one XD Members Skater Nobody -> A7X Umbreon NazoFire411 Agent007 keybladeofsteel Nelo Angelo Gullwing Yunie Frozen Fate Snow Candy Clone Gildragon All-Star Gamer The Gingerbread Man Obscured Fire Neo
  15. Z

    The All-Star Gamer Fanclub

    Woot ASG's offically awesome fanclub We must discuss his awesomeness ^_^ Members Skater Nobody -> Phoenix, A7X Umbreon bwak Blue Sky Ningacom Nelo Angelo Frozen Fate Gildragon Ultima Star Jet nojerom_14 Shadow Denizen
  16. Z

    Zephyr Fanclub

    This is the Avenged Sevenfold Umbreon saying that SH is AWESOME and you need to join. She is also the Overlady of the Darkside Members Skater Nobody/ Cloud -> Avenged Sevenfold Umbreon, Overlord of the Darkside Snow Candy Nelo Angelo Clone Neo revarai20 Infinite Mystery Darkness of White...
  17. Z

    The Shattered Hearts Fanclub

    This Fanclub is deicated to my good friend Shattered Hearts who is a BOSS and one of my best friends and I can't believe someone didn't make one of these before Shattered Hearts Fanclub Members Skater Nobody [Avenged Sevenfold Umbreon] Nelo Angelo Snow Candy
  18. Z

    Fanfiction ► The Journey of a Thousand Miles

    So my Literature Teacher has me writing short stories for no credit. One of my storys (and i plan to have this continued thought rather or not i'll use the names of who i was thinking of when i wrote this, i havent decided but i'll probably update every friday "You only learn how to live when...
  19. Z


    so i have a theory on Riku you kno the pods in KH2 and how one of them said that they had been used recently well in the beggining of riku's story he's in 'sleeping state' as DIZ put it so do you think that riku was in one of those pods and then released into Castle Oblivion?
  20. Z

    in the picture

    in the white room theres a picture of roxas, axel and two other people does anyone know who those two are?