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  1. Pratiko

    MX, ASoD, Xemnas, AX, Terra & LS.

    Hello. Sorry to bother you all with yet another analisys on Xehanort. Or rather, Xemnas. You know, that guy who is a Nobody to Xehanort the Apprentice. Isn't he weird, how he is shown in a scene in KH2FM+, talking to a piece of armor who calls his "friend". Why the use of " "? Did he really...
  2. Pratiko

    Plumbers don't wear ties! by the AVGN

    ScrewAttack Video Game, Angry Video Game Nerd: Plumbers Don't Wear Ties | Game Trailers & Videos | GameTrailers.com watch and comment. for MOAR: myspace.com/thenintendonerd
  3. Pratiko

    [Spoilers] Coded Episode 2 Walkthrough

    Translated by Goldpanner: Source: HEARTSTATION.ORG holding the future of KINGDOM HEARTS
  4. Pratiko

    Ven = Kingdom Key O.O

    Hell, I can't believe I'm writing this <.< Well... I'ma make this rather simple and short.. First.. What we know: 1.- Ven has a connection with Sora. 2.- Ven wanted to be erased. 3.- In the BbS video, Kingdom Hearts was summoned after some kind of glowing Darkness was taken out from Ven. So...