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  1. WilliamTheWise

    Recommend me some [insert platform] games.

    This is long over due, but I'm finally going to purchase a PSP to play Birth by Sleep. And with Vita coming out the price of the old original model should be fairly cheap everywhere. Any recommendations for some good, old PSP games I should check out? I don't have a PS3 so this might also be a...
  2. WilliamTheWise

    "Don't ask, Don't tell" Repeal

    Source: CNN Senate votes to end 'don't ask, don't tell' - CNN.com Discuss
  3. WilliamTheWise

    Should we do away with the S.A.T and A.C.T?

    Should we do away with the S.A.T , A.C.T and other standardized test needed to get into most colleges? Discuss:
  4. WilliamTheWise

    5 Worst Presidents in U.S History

    Who would you say are the worst 5 presidents in U.S History? ______________________________________________________________________ Rules: 1) You can't say the following Presidents mainly because we haven't seen the full effects they've had on history yet. Carter Reagan Bush Clinton...
  5. WilliamTheWise

    Taxing Video games will end Knife violence?

    Taxing videogames will stop knife crime, claims illogical man Once again, we have a politician claiming there is a link between Video games and violence. This time in the UK. The politician who is the main force behind the idea lost his own son to inner city youth violence and is trying to...
  6. WilliamTheWise

    Oblivion's Keychain

    What is the meaning of Oblivion's key chain? I know this is the wrong section or been talked about before ,but has a real answer been given? We know Oathkeeper's is Kari's lucky charm, but what does it mean or look like? Maybe it's Riku's Lucky Charm? 0_0
  7. WilliamTheWise

    358/2 Days Cut Scene Question

    This may have been asked before, but if it hasn't How will Cut scenes be shown in 358/2? Was it ever stated at DK£3713? Because I've seen a mixture of ways in other games using both screens or only one. Is CG possible on the DS? Or do you think it will only use thoses lame ones with the word...