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    Finally finished this. I kept leaving it for later and later became longer than that. ]: Clickies here Done in Photoshop CS3, around 60 layers. Comments and critiques are much appreciated as always. :D
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    Shutter Island

    American horror/thriller film directed by Martin Scorsese and starring Leonardo DiCaprio. Based on the 2003 novel of the same name written by Dennis Lehane. The movie is based in 1954, where two U.S. marshals investigate the disappearance of a patient from a hospital for the criminally...
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    Films by Satoshi Kon

    He's a really talented director of anime films and he has his own anime series, Paranoia Agent, as well. Film trailers: Perfect Blue 1997 Millennium Actress 2001 Tokyo Godfathers 2003 Paprika 2006 All of his works, including his new fifth film "The Dream Machine", have been made by Studio...
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    [Turn around for me]

    This was a quick practice turnaround I did today and took me about 15 minutes or so. I haven't done one in a while and thought I should get to doing some of these before I head back to school. Because for sure I'll be needing to do these everyday when I bid my summer vacation goodbye. DD...
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    Mayor and Rabbis Arrested in Corruption Probe

    ...what? 0: Read the rest here (CNN) EDIT: Sorry, should have said mayors. :]
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    despertar (

    Been a really long time since I've posted something here. ]: This is my recent. Had a ton of fun photomanip'ing the background image. <3 Comment, critiques, etc are quite awesome and appreciated. :D EDIT: fixed the ugly green at the left. :]
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    ★☆ Happy Birthday, Takushi Rena! ☆★

    Happy (insert number 1 - 10 here)'th Birthday, Takushi Rena! Creative, really funny and just plain awesome. I hope that you have a great birthday tomorrow--!... err... today, well it's technically tomorrow (tis midnight), or... today... so, yeaaa... w/e :B As I was saying~! Have lots of fun...
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    Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland

    Before anything, Takushi Rena was the one who found the article first so that credit goes to her. O:! A First look on the newly released (literally) promotional photos from Tim Burton's adaptation of Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland. The art looks amazing all the while the characters are...
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    A Work in Progress

    A piece I've been working on for some time, mostly on the lineart cause today I just started on the coloring. O: Critiques are very much appreciated as are comments of course. ♥ Rough (scribbles honestly...) Sketch of work Lineart Work in Progress Bit o' info: -Used Photoshop CS3. -Tetsuya...
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    FFXIII LJ Layout

    I'm sure this would go here, it being digital and all. But, if I'm wrong, please correct me. :D; Anyway, I've been working on this today among other things. I've got most of the coding done except for the banner part and some tid-bits here and there. A link to the Live preview of the current...
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    The World Ends With You - Custom Shoes

    I'm guessing this goes on here, but correct me if I'm wrong. :D;; As the title says. I'd put the image directly on here but... it's a pretty big file size, so I apologize for that. :D; All info is in the first link, second link goes directly to the image only. Critiques and comments are welcome...
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    Fanfiction ► Ghosts of Memories Past (FFVII One-shot)

    HIIII. -waves!- Just a brief introduction to this one-shot. It is centered around Cloud Strife, taking place shortly after Advent Children. It is also centered around Sephiroth but he isn't mentioned all that much, at least not directly anyway. D: This, all together, is around the fact that...
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    Cremations, Disenchantment and Happyness

    HIIII~ :D First time posting something on here so I'm a bit nervous honestly. xD; This may be the start of a series of different stories, some are based on true story, some are not, I'll let you decide. Fun, fun, fun. None will be boring or else... why would I bother doing this? :D; All the...
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    Recent Works

    As promised, more pencils. :D! And just one inklet. Descriptions are in the links. Pencils: Wishing on a Star by =Zombiekunoichi on deviantART Slouch'in by =Zombiekunoichi on deviantART Juliet Loves The Beat by =Zombiekunoichi on deviantART Heartbreaker Sketch by =Zombiekunoichi on...
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    Zombie's Sketches

    No, sorry, it's not sketches of zombies... D: Hey there :D thought I'd show some of my sketches/doodles on here for some possible critique. <3 Finished works: Rika-Rika-Tequila by =Zombiekunoichi on deviantART It's the Adults Fault by =Zombiekunoichi on deviantART Unfinished works...
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    This is our Battlecry (FFXIII sig)

    More like... sig(s). : D; Anyway, this is the first sig (that I've put effort into) I've done in a very long time. Probably since 2006, but I've lost count. So, I'm trying to brush up on my signature making skills again and came up with this today. It can be two sigs, worn separately. But I...
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    Chibirenachan's Birthday! :D

    And unless I searched wrong, no thread was made yet. |:< So here it is! Happy 8th Birthday, Rena-chan!! :DDD -pops balloons- Popping them is more fun D: You'd agree. And yes, it is her 8th B-day, so don't contradict me... <___< Happy Happy Birthday!! :3...
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    Signature Editing Problem.

    Yes, well, as the title says... I've been having a problem with editting my signature these days. I thought maybe it was some temporary thing, but I went to check and it kept saying no more than something amount of characters in your signature. I don't put much at all in it, I even tried with...
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    Happy Sixth Birthday Takushi Rena!! ;D

    ^It's a joke we had on AIM... >...> No, she's not actually six you dolts... But anyway, it's technically midnight where she and I live, sooo... Happy Birthday Rena-chan!!! :3! From your internet mommeh. ;D Fyi... Me. n.n *throws confetti and grabs megaphone* Parteh over here!! :O!!
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    See Yas Later, Alligators.

    Yes, I’m leaving. To all those who I have told that I would be staying, I’m sorry. But my heart has taken quite a turn. I used to be glad to be able to visit the forums, but now, every time I do drop on by, I just get mad in turn. And it’s not worth it, to visit these forums when it just gets me...