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  1. ChibiHearts249

    Red Ash - The Indelible Legend (Spiritual Successor to Mega Man Legends)

    Keiji Inafune, the creator of Mega Man left Capcom back in 2010. Striking out on his own, he created his own company called Comcept, and since that time has showed how interested he is in bringing back the Mega Man genre in his recent games such as Azure Striker GUNVOLT and (more noticeably)...
  2. ChibiHearts249

    Chibi's Corner: Blazing Summer Writing Contest (2015)

    So this is where I'll be putting my stories for the KHI: Blazing Summer Writing Contest. I'm aiming to complete them all this year, so standby for content and feel free to comment!
  3. ChibiHearts249

    Hit Guys...I'm Back Again (Again)

    Well things have been really crazy for me: getting a new and completely strange night job, moving into my new place on Memorial Day, making a big change and plans for an LP channel, becoming a mod on an RP site (where I seem to be the only mod who actually moderates and helps plan events and...
  4. ChibiHearts249

    Fanfiction ► Five Nights at Freddy's 1 (Novelization)

    Hey guys! I'm back to writing again! I've been practicing quite a lot, and I cooked this up for some friends of mine and just an overall desire to novelize the amazing story held within these short games. The protagonists are how I imagine them and the antagonists are going to be enhanced...
  5. ChibiHearts249

    Sora's Station of Awakening

    I don't make threads often that can be debated over. But a friend of mine asked this question the other night, and I'd like to know if there really IS an answer or - in case there isn't - any conjecture as to why things are the way they are. So. Sora's Station of Awakening has stained glass...
  6. ChibiHearts249

    Drawing Apps?

    Hey y'all, Chibi here! I was just wondering: what are some good apps to use for drawing? I'm pretty much a beginner with online drawing, and I'd like to get more into it. But I'm not really sure what to download. Would an app that costs money be better than a free one with a ton of users? If...
  7. ChibiHearts249

    Fanfiction ► Mega Man Zero 2 - Watchful Eyes

    Also: I'm sorry this is so long. I didn't want to cut up the beginning, and it ended up being a LOT longer than its less than 10min game counterpart! ========================================= Quick Links! Prologue: This page Chapter 1: The Resistance Base (Top) Chapter 2: Watchful Eyes (Bottom)
  8. ChibiHearts249

    Has it only been a YEAR?!

    Yo everybody, Chibi here! I was just puttering around on my profile earlier when I noticed that 2 dates matched up. This is my first anniversary on KHI! I really want to thank everyone on the site for such a spectacular time so far; friends, staff, and general members alike! I really have had...
  9. ChibiHearts249

    Nostalgic Video Game Boss Battles

    The title says it all. Whether it's from your childhood or just a couple years ago, 8-bit or anything-bit, ridiculous or challenging...Everyone should hear about it! WARNING: potential spoilers! In this thread, feel free to share pictures, videos, weaknesses, and most ANYTHING that pertains to...
  10. ChibiHearts249

    Your Video Game Origins

    Where did it all start for you? How did you get into this..."video game" thing, anyway? -What was your first console? -First big console game? -What about the first game you yourself actually BOUGHT? With your own money? -Did you prefer platforms, fighters, RPG's, racers... -Anything I forgot...
  11. ChibiHearts249

    Words cannot describe! I'm sorry, guys, but...HI!!!

    Hey! Ummm...I'm back? I honestly am not sure how to put this, and since this is the first thing I'm doing since I got back on...Well, let's just say "I'm behind," shall we? Not really sure which of my pals still gets on, either. So here's a message to anybody and EVERYBODY!! Hello. I'm Chibi...
  12. ChibiHearts249

    «Chibi's Journal of 1000 Cranes»

    I think it's high time I started one of these! Aiko's idea has gone over marvelously well, and I wanna be a part of it! My journal will have (hopefully) 1000 entries, each corresponding with the writing on a paper crane. I want to create a senbazuru, which is a collection of 1000 paper cranes...
  13. ChibiHearts249

    My Favorite _________ is __________

    This is a thread for posting one of your favorite things (or more). When you post, please give a reason for why you like this thing, so that others might be able to get on board with you! You may also post more than once (you like more than just 1 thing!) but you may NOT comment on another post...
  14. ChibiHearts249

    The Fun Fact Thread!

    This is a thread for posting fun (and also NOT so fun) facts! Anything you find interesting that isn't common knowledge is to be posted here. I'm going to try to do 1 a day, at the least, so feel free to discuss them or maybe add your own 2 cents to the Fun Fact Donation Bin! :D Hope to...
  15. ChibiHearts249

    Short Story

    I've always wanted to write a book, but ideas fly by in my silly head FAR too fast. I'll start writing one thing, but then I'll think of a new topic and move on. Maybe short stories will be more my forte! So here's a crack at it; a little number that I like to call...
  16. ChibiHearts249

    The Food Thread of Awesomeness!

    Ok guys, I know there's a lot of food threads out there, but I want this one to be a little different. The rules are simple: I'm gonna ask food questions that may be personal or factual, and I'd like to know your responses. You CANNOT respond to criticize someone's choice, but you CAN show...
  17. ChibiHearts249

    Got a Favorite Poem?

    The title says it all! Not as many people appreciate poetry as they should. It's in our music. It's on TV. It's in our books, games, sock drawers, junk cabinets, backyards, and in watching things like sunsets, ocean waves, butterflies, clouds, and friends. This is kinda for poetry appreciation...
  18. ChibiHearts249

    What a Pleasant Surprise!

    I came home last night and knew that my sister would be leaving our home at long last. I wanted the best for her, but a friend asked if I could hang with her at a small festival for a few hours. I said my goodbyes, knowing full well that it might be late when I got home and my sis might be...
  19. ChibiHearts249

    Music ► Favorite Music Scores

    OK, no preamble! What are your top 3 favorite music scores? And I'm talkin about the stuff that doesn't have words in it. You can have a score that's based off a song if it is one of your faves, or maybe YOU'VE composed something yourself? For example, my top 3 are: 1. Hikari Orchestra (Yoko...
  20. ChibiHearts249

    Ghost Stories

    Hello, Chibi here! Ever heard of a person who has NOT heard a ghost story? Well, I'd like to hear some more myself, so here we are! Any ghost story you've ever heard, any supernatural experience you've ever had, please feel free to share it here! Even if these things happened to a friend, or...