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  1. Roaringflames

    In these lands

    (don't know if this is considered fan fiction or not but here goes, I also need names for a tittle other than "In these lands", Also in first person) Chapter 1: Meeting Crice and learning about myself. I opened my light green eyes and awoke from where I was sleeping, a hospital bed, Damn it. I...
  2. Roaringflames

    Funny FF parody video

    Mark lueng V. S Dancing dark vador here YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.
  3. Roaringflames

    Would this be good enough...

    Okay here is the main idea, I would love criticism and feed back on this to Ok is this good enough for you all
  4. Roaringflames

    Help/Support ► Win 7 deletion

    The security system is just a hack from a virus, I'm wanting to remove it, so I can stop using my DSI
  5. Roaringflames

    Help/Support ► Win 7 deletion

    No I'm talking about this Remove Win 7 Antivirus Pro, Win 7 Antivirus Pro Removal Guide
  6. Roaringflames

    Help/Support ► Win 7 deletion

    No I'm talking about the anti virus system, I cleared the threats from my own computer files, damn it
  7. Roaringflames

    Help/Support ► Win 7 deletion

    Yep all that shit, I ran a virus search, deleted threats and then Win 7 comes and poses fake threats I deleted yesterday just for my money
  8. Roaringflames

    Help/Support ► Win 7 deletion

    Im wanting to delete Win 7, why because I ran a virus search and Win7 just makes up fake crap to get my money, please help me delete it
  9. Roaringflames

    Final fantasy dubbed

    http://m.youtube.com/index?desktop_uri=%2F&gl=US#/watch?xl=xl_blazer&v=1MmG41Tllxo I forgot to pay the giant sex robot
  10. Roaringflames

    kingdom hearts 3d shocking ending

    Ventus's ending and Aqua's final and ending episodes there good enough for you, I also have youtube to back me up
  11. Roaringflames

    kingdom hearts 3d shocking ending

    Acutally it is not for that reason, it is because he destroyed the X-Blade, which was made of their hearts so... His heart was supposed to go to the ends of the realm of in between, but thanks to Sora, his heart is sleeping in there, his body in castle Oblivion, chamber of Awaking, this is basic...
  12. Roaringflames

    kingdom hearts 3d shocking ending

    What you mean the one thing she's never going to get, she will stay a support character for the rest of the rest of series, which is only up to III sadly, this entire saga was started by Xehanort and killing him will end it, even though they didn't go to every Disney world Onto topic you must...
  13. Roaringflames

    Fanfiction ► ): KH- The Worldly Awesome Adventures of Matthew :(

    Is anyone going to read or am I going to repeat myself in chapter updation over and over again, someone please read
  14. Roaringflames

    Fanfiction ► ): KH- The Worldly Awesome Adventures of Matthew :(

    Re: ): The Awesome Adventures of Matthew :( okay name changed going to be more epic here and make Terra appear in chapter 10 instead of 7 which is off to another world Chapter 7-1- -Off we go to Fullheim prt 1 Matthew as he stopped getting kissed by Keally saw that a black portal was opened...
  15. Roaringflames

    super srs question

    we can't answer these questions, because we don't know them, and your trolling
  16. Roaringflames

    Help/Support ► help again -__-

    well my computer flashes alot then i have to close the window
  17. Roaringflames

    Help/Support ► help again -__-

    Alright another problem i have, i can't go to youtube now because it is like someone is hacking into my computer from there and it never did before when i used windows . I'm using Fire fox. Please help me, i want to be able to use youtube every where but this is outrageous
  18. Roaringflames

    Help/Support ► why i now hate the internet

    My internet is working now all because of me choosing fire fox, you may close this now
  19. Roaringflames

    Fanfiction ► ): KH- The Worldly Awesome Adventures of Matthew :(

    Re: KH- Backstory of Vanitas(updated vanitias attack) chapter theme-http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DZ8r5KSFh9I chapter 6 part 2- Earth at Death's doorstep part 2 Aqua stood there watching as the girl kissed the fallen Matthew. Aqua then walked over to the girl and summoned her keyblade...