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    Kingdom Hearts III official site

    That's right guys, the official site has been up. There isn't much to it, but the fact that it has been put up gives me a feeling that KH3 may not be that far off from hitting the stores (well in Japan at least). Here is the link to the site: KINGDOM HEARTS III | SQUARE ENIX A translation of...
  2. K

    Kingdom Hearts III releasing sooner than expected?

    Greetings fellow KH fans, I know we all have been REALLY excited within the past few days due to the teaser trailer of KH III. I, not even joking here, teared up a bit when I first saw the long awaited trailer. At the end of the trailer though, we saw the logos of the console that this epic...
  3. K

    How old is Sora gonna be in KH3D?

    Ok we all know Sora starts at the age 14 in KH1 and in CoM/Re:CoM. And at the end of CoM, Sora had to sleep in that pod in order for Namine to piece back his memories. That sleep lasted for a year. Now we're onto KH2 and Sora is 15. Now when Sora receives that letter from Mickey, we all just...
  4. K

    Sora's parents

    Have you guys ever wondered about Sora's parents?? I mean they do get mentioned in BBS when Terra talks to little Riku, Sora says that they were waiting for his dad to come and pick them up but they never show him. Also in KH1, after you finish Kairi's errands and before the storm, there is a...
  5. K

    KH3D Release Date???

    I was just browsing through GamesRadar and found this: Square Enix director cryptically teases 3DS Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts 3D 3DS News | GamesRadar And according to them, KH3D will be released in July 10, 2011. They even pointed that out in the new Degenki interview. Check it out and...
  6. K

    Nomura Interview Fully Translated!

    Full translation now up! Barbecue sauce: 07/29?????????? ??????????KH????????? | ReBirth Wings & FF-Reunion
  7. K

    An idea on KH 3D???

    First of all, I am sorry if someone mentioned this before or not. But I was thinking about the title KH 3D and what it meant. Then I thought about KH BBS and how it had stories of 3 characters. Could KH 3D also be about SRK??? Mebbe KH 3D could mean "three destinies" and it shows what each of...