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  1. K

    The Start of the Original War

    When and where did the MoM original come from is the biggest question to me. the future?the past? Scala? Destiny islands?
  2. K

    What if the Dark Seeker Saga gets the remake/reinterpretation treatment (like FF7)

    Or or or they could make a NEW game with a new lead and everything new instead of making the same game over and re release the remake and all that dumb stuff
  3. K

    News ► Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory Patch 1.04 Out Now

    I wonder if the added context has to do with subject x rather than kairi
  4. K

    (SPOILERS) Union X: The World's End

    Yea not sure yet if its been confirmed when or exactly where xehanort was born. If dark road story ends when khux story ends the stories are probably gonna line up at that point
  5. K

    (SPOILERS) Union X: The World's End

    What if its some form of xehanort or xehanort himself luxu is putting into the lifeboat
  6. K

    Rikus next move

    Does anyone else think it’s possible riku gets stuck in the new world forever and never ends up rescuing sora, so he asks the people there to help save sora?