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    Understanding magic in KH, going forward

    So, as with most things Kingdom Hearts-related, I can't give you a simple answer, but I can give you AN answer. First of all, generally speaking, it is the Keyblade that allows its wielders to use magic. This is simply because the Keyblade itself is a magical weapon. And the thing is, the...
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    What if Kingdom Hearts was partnered with Warner instead of Disney?

    I mean, let's be honest, it's not too late for Disney to acquire Warner Bros. Honestly, that's who I expected they would go after next once they got Fox.
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    Is anyone else concerned about how Phase 2 is going to be handled?

    Actually, this is one area where I'm optimistic. The best games in the series were the games where you didn't know what you were going into. KH1 had a clean slate, CoM was a complete game-changer in terms of style and conflict, and KH2, even though there were some elements that were built up for...
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    Is anyone else concerned about how Phase 2 is going to be handled?

    If there's one thing I'm NOT concerned about, it's Nomura's ability to tie disparate plotlines together. The man is downright obsessed with making things fit and build up to something (which is good). The thing I worry about is his writing. More specifically, his characterization and sense of...
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    The Start of the Original War

    To my understanding, the Realms were the same then as they are now—the Realms of Light, Darkness, and In-Between. The only difference then was that the Realm of Light was one cohesive world, whereas now it's split apart and subdivided by invisible barriers. The Realm of Darkness has been...
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    Your KH headcanon

    Jack Sparrow can wield the Keyblade because he's secretly descended from one of the ancient Keyblade wielders from Daybreak Town. After all, all worlds originate from Daybreak Town.
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    KH references and cameos in other media?

    I recall there being a very small maybe-reference in Toy Story 4 in the form of a little key-shaped keychain, which would be especially noteworthy since KH3 is supposed to be somehow canon with the Toy Story movies (although I'm not sure they actually are and I think John Lasseter or whoever...
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    Characters from the past being in the present didn’t start with Union X but with birth by sleep

    You're comparing apples and oranges here. First of all, Ven and Aqua weren't even introduced until BBS (or the KH2FM secret movie if you wanna get technical about it), and even though Terra was there in Mickey's flashback, none of us knew that he was actually somebody else. And as for Xehanort...
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    KHUX Remake as an MMO

    Yeah, I'm with the rest of the people here. Being an MMO is what ruined this game to begin with. MMO's are the most vulnerable genre of game when it comes to corporate greed. They take eons to complete, the gameplay is rarely that fun or engaging, the opportunities for gatcha mechanics are just...
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    Okay, this whole Shibuya nonesense is confusing ...

    You've pretty much already answered your own question. The way Nomura deals with properties—Disney OR FF—is by recreating them rather than adding onto their established history. The plot of every Disney world in the franchise can be seen as occurring in a parallel universe from the ones in which...
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    My opinion about kh3 prologue + playable characters + a potential kh collection(theory).

    I made a whole thread about an idea for a young Xehanort prologue.
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    Local Fox news affiliate covers the Kingdom Hearts series being released on PC

    Yeah. Again, like Sign said, it's only a subsidiary of Fox, which isn't that bad. But yes, Fox News is, quite frankly, evil. They've done far more harm to America than every single terrorist group combined could ever have dreamed of doing themselves. I would unironically rank some of their most...
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    Local Fox news affiliate covers the Kingdom Hearts series being released on PC

    Right, that's what I mean. Nothing nefarious would be going on, but the association would still be really uncomfortable.
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    Local Fox news affiliate covers the Kingdom Hearts series being released on PC

    Watching Tucker Carlson talk about Kingdom Hearts would honestly feel like watching a serial rapist play with my dog.
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    The Prologue

    Well, your first statement about Xehanort's ending being handled badly proves my point. There's always been a big disconnect between the Xehanort that Nomura wanted us to see and the Xehanort he ended up showing on screen. The Xehanort we hear of in the BBS reports is a very different-sounding...
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    The Prologue

    Then why is Roxas one of, if not the, most beloved character in the franchise? It can't all come from just the fight against him at the end of the game, can it? I'm not denying there are loads of people who didn't like the prologue of 2 for the reasons you mention, and that's fine. But taking...
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    Question about the 7 guardians of light

    So first, I think Kairi and Lea only count as reserve members the same way that Vexen and Demyx were to the Xehanorts. Second, I've always considered KHX/UX as part of the second phase and NOT the Dark Seeker saga despite it beginning technically before KH3's release.
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    The Prologue

    But that's another reason why a Xehanort prologue would work. Xehanort's whole life has been in pursuit of the knowledge of how to correct a world he sees as inherently flawed. His entire existence has been devoted, one might say sacrificially, to what he sees as the greater good. Having the...
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    The Prologue

    I mean, either would have been more appropriate imo. I also can't get over how abrupt and how narratively pointless the opening Dive to the Heart sequence was in this game. Usually they manage to tie those into the plot, but this time it just felt like an obligation with no purpose outside of...
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    The Prologue

    Well, that's my point, though. Even though Roxas' story might not have been warmly received at first, the fact that it IS romanticized now shows that there was a lot of good things there. I reject the premise that the prologue levels of these games need to be action-packed, or that we need to...