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  1. K

    Release date in 2005!

    Umm to my knowledge no one has posted this yet, so ill go ahead and do it. Did anyone else notice how at the end of The Jump Festa Trailer, it said "Coming in 2005". Keep in mind that this is the newest trailer thus far, so its the most acurate. Last time in the TGS trailer it said "work in...
  2. K


    Dude i seriously dont know what to expect this year from e3. Can we expect a new trailer, at least ANYTHING on kh2, cuz e3 was a lot bigger a deal last year than it seems to be now. I hope they at least have something, but i really hope tetsuya comes up w/ an official release date.
  3. K

    New Kingdom Hearts 2 Info

    Ok guys, it seems that new information for Kingdom Hearts 2 will be released very soon. KH Ultimania is seriously a nice place to look for info that the lazy kh-2.net mods are too lazy to post. Ok first for those of you who didnt see my recent thread about the release date, here it is: Posted...
  4. K

    KH2 Release date to be confirmed?

    Hi everyone, ok no this isnt a typical release date thread. I have seen and gathered enough information to show everybody that there will be a press conference very soon. Here's some sources.. Source 1: KH Ultimania (www.kh2.co.uk) Well this should kick that crappy artwork update out the...
  5. K

    hardest kh1 boss

    who was ure hardest kh1 boss? for me it was either trickmaster or cerberus.. it took me forever to beat them.. then maybe sephiroth
  6. K

    BHK's name is Kyara?

    dude i was looking in the fan corner and some retard sez that bhk's name is kyara.. wtf.. am i late.. did i not get some notice or is this guy retarded?
  7. K

    KH2 Battle System

    sorry guys if this has already been posted, but ive searched the forums, and i didnt find anything so here it goes.. did u guys notice how im the tgs 2004 trailer, when sora does an aerial combo in agrabah, cave of wonders, etc., he always finishes it with a spell (thunder, ice)? look at it...