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  1. Teiku 5

    Fanfiction ► An untitled preview - A RoNami Fanficiton

    i figure i might as well get a little introduction out of the way. the reason i started writing this was for Passion. we were rp'ing together and discussing KH when pairings came up. to me Roxas and Namine were just as canon of a couple as any other could possibly be. to my surprise, i...
  2. Teiku 5

    $5 off at Gamestop

    if you pre-order BBS online, you get $5 off for the next three days with the code SLEEP. apparently even if you order it online, you can pick it up in-store. SAVE A COOL $5 Three friends, three destinies. Everything will link back to the...
  3. Teiku 5

    PROM :D

    so my prom is tonight. supposed to be a sunset on the beach theme. for once its actually supposed to be really good. i got my tux rented and arrangements to pick my date up. i even managed to sneak my way on the limo ride without paying :P. we'll see how the actual night goes. anybody else...
  4. Teiku 5

    Anime movies

    so in the past i've watched some of the Studio Ghibli films (Kiki's Delivery Service, Howl's Moving Castle, The Cat Returns, and Spirited Away) and i really thought they were pretty good. does anyone have any favorite anime films that they recommend? maybe other Ghibli films or something else...
  5. Teiku 5

    Predestination - Is God in control of our actions/our salvation?

    so i've talking about this with Gil and Nevermore over something that came up in another thread and i was just wondering what everyone else thinks. hopefully there'll be some people that understand my side so i won't have to reply to every post. anyways, here it goes. if God is omnipotent...
  6. Teiku 5

    Lag = OH MY GEE

    so i couldn't find the "Concerning the lag" thread...the search says all those words are too common and if i missed it....:P sorry. just thought i'd mention the site is SUPER SLOW for me again. don't know if this is happening for anyone else. it takes a long time for threads to come up and to...
  7. Teiku 5

    The Twilight Zone (marathon on SyFy New Year's Eve/Day)

    anybody else love the original Twilight Zone series? just everything is great about it.... the black and white. the great stories Rod Serling came up with. the twist endings. or the creepy endings. or even the endings where you learned something. just...awesome. so is anybody else watching...
  8. Teiku 5

    Note to Graphics Team

    To the site's graphic team, You guys have been awesome. I know when I came to this site a while ago, the avatar, sig, and wallpaper section seemed stagnant and I never saw a update to them. But latley, you guys have been cranking them out. Really awesome stuff too with different styles. I...
  9. Teiku 5


    i always wonder how long certain people are going to be banned, whether it be from joy or because i would like to speak with them. is there a way to find out?
  10. Teiku 5

    How do I find my WPA Key?

    so i never wrote the thing down when i had to find it for my laptop two years ago and odds are against me for finding the paper its on. how do i find the WPA Key either off of my laptop or the host desktop so i can use it for my PSP?
  11. Teiku 5

    Am I screwed?

    so i've been having a problem with my music library lately. i think i have a virus but i'm not sure. i use windows media player for my cd-rips and my torrent downloads. i haven't downloaded anything new recently but my WMP starts freaking out everytime i start playing a song. everytime the...
  12. Teiku 5

    Video captures

    (sorry in advance if this should have been somewhere else) does anyone know of a good way to get screenshots from videos? i really wanted to use some from a music video for a stock for a request, but the best option i have that i can think of is PrintScreen. i was just wondering if there's a...
  13. Teiku 5

    BbS Board Points

    does this mean that BbS won't be like the earlier titles where you could go wherever? or is this basically going to be like Dissidia? or am I missing the whole point of the board? thanks.
  14. Teiku 5

    Help/Support ► Party Pleasers

    so my birthday is coming up this month and i plan on having a party. for the past couple of years, its been kinda the same thing every year. i guess thats not necessarily a bad thing, but its not really great either. so any suggestions for party activities? things that you've done at your...
  15. Teiku 5

    Rep for refrences

    Just another idea. i figured this would be a good idea, epsecially for those rep whores and noobs out there that are so fascinated by the rep system. i got the idea from MyPoints. basically, if you refer someone and they have an active account than you get points for it. so say for example...
  16. Teiku 5

    How'd I Manage That One

    just about everybody that has been in a relationship has had one....a crazy ex. either they're crazy now, or they were crazy to start with and you just never realized it. so how bout you tell us all about them? make it FUNNY guys. mine'll come later.
  17. Teiku 5

    Major European Site Update

    (sorry if this has been posted) it looks like the European 358/2 Days site has had major overhaul. every section has info (media, gameplay, worlds) and there's even two wallpapers (one of the Organization XIII and one of RAX+Mickey) as well as eight avatars (RAX, Mic, Beast, Genie, Jack...
  18. Teiku 5

    Would this be out of place?

    would a Kingdom Hearts primer be appropriate? like as a sticky. one for each game and then one for the series in general. somebody would have to write it. but in the best case, it would reduce the amount of simple threads about some of the simple concepts. any thoughts or opinions on this?
  19. Teiku 5

    No Pinochio?!?!

    Epic Failure X(. so i just got my copy of 358/2 Days and the strategy guide (cuz i'm a collector nerd like that) just about an hour ago. turns out BradyGames must be into false advertising. there is no mention Pinocchio anywhere in the guide (as far as i can see so far). i'm so blown. i...
  20. Teiku 5

    ITT The Current Top Albums and Hot Singles à la Billboard

    Today's Top Music According to Billboard Are you in sync with the latest most popular music? Even if you know about it, what are your views? Love it? Hate it? Discuss it HERE! Charts are updated EVERY THURSDAY...