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  1. SuperSephiroth15

    It is I. I've come back.

    It's been a long time KHI. I left for about a year without a word and now, I'm back. With a vengeance. I'll be posting here and there and hopefully become the regular I used to be in these forums. Good to see you all again! s1britishguy
  2. SuperSephiroth15

    Let's Try This Again...

    Ok, this is an Open One on One Battle. Normal Rules to this Forum apply of course. I would like to test my battling skills since most of the RPs I participate in are more prone to talking and versus NPC action. So Anyways, enough of my rambling. I would like one judge for this battle if...
  3. SuperSephiroth15

    The Music Game

    Ok, I have not seen this done yet, and I love music ! The Song Game A Game where People take the Title of a Song a place into a sentence. But before they do they must copy and paste the ones before. Rules 1. Keep it PG-13. No R rated subjects. 2. As much as some people enjoy drugs and...
  4. SuperSephiroth15

    Excuse Me For My Abrupt and Prolonged Absence

    Hello everyone. Seph is back, and I have some things to explain. 1. I've been really busy with getting used to College life, and working XD 2. I have definetely missed all of you. 3. I cannot wait to start RPing once again, there are some very talented RPers in these Forums. 4. Finally, I...
  5. SuperSephiroth15

    I Challenge You Reckless Chaos !

    Haha, you offered me a battle against you, and now.....I challenge you to exactly that ! Setting: A very wide Canyon at night. Various rocks everywhere. Basically a waste land. Name: Xagofore Appearance: This is Xagofore Has the face of Itachi from “Naruto” and the hair of Sephiroth from...
  6. SuperSephiroth15

    Kingdom Hearts Tournament Sign-Ups

    Ok I dont know if anyone has done this yet, but this is a remake off of DBZ Tournament Style. Only this is in the Kingdom Hearts World, and you are allowed to enter your own created character or be a character from the game itself. As soon as we get 10 contenders the Tournament will be...
  7. SuperSephiroth15

    New but Old Too

    Well I've been a member for awhile but, I haven't been very social. So I decided to post here. I have some skills in RP and I also like to be in the Inferno. Sometimes I even help other people out when they need it. Just a quick summary about me...