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    The tale of a nobody

    This is something i cam up with it was supposed to KH fanfic hence the title but i figured it would be better a a random short story so i let you read this and critiscim is appreciated thank you The tiredness of a long day at school and strong feelings of desperation as the...
  2. C

    Hurting inside

    This is actually something i wrote in one of classes about this girl i met in my lunch period but i am afriad to tell her how i feel please enjoy I am hurting in inside everytime i see her face I want to tell her how i feel but the words wont come I wish I could show But what would she say...
  3. C


    My arms restrained by all of the chains My body constricted My movement restricted This feeling of pain of false redemption The darkness forever The light a treasure The chains are weakening i feel my arms pull free Darkness disappearing Light coming back An eternity in prison a life...
  4. C

    The Tale of Wolf

    Okay this is a different version of a short story i did for English class last year i am running off alot of what i remember so here its is. Critiquing is appreciated. I watched as the dark storm clouds loomed over the valley. The village seemed to welcome the darkness that was so close to...
  5. C


    My heart is pounding The darkness surrounding Grabbing my throat Choking my hope I have lost vision The hatred has risen Damn this life its filled with strife I waited for you to return Only to be pushed to the curb When i begin thinking of you i lose all feeling and start to turn blue I...
  6. C

    Onimusha Rp?

    I was wondering how many people would be interested in an onimusha Rp? I have some i deas but i dont know if people would like it
  7. C


    I made a mistake do i need an excuse you are the reason i was abused you tell people about my bruises not realizing you are the one who loses but then why do you not have these bruises because i know for sure i am not losing I was abused and you were not i am bruised and you have been...
  8. C

    In and Out

    IN AND OUT In and Out back and forth up and down this repeated motion turning everything inside out everything i did, i did it for you now you return for the glory but all that is left is an old story In and Out is all i hear all i can say nothing makes sense anymore cause all you were...
  9. C

    The Hunted

    They wait They watch They snarl They growl I watch in fear The sounds are real The voice of The Hunted The ones i chased to kill I waited for the punishment I knew would never come They're biding their time Waiting for me to slip Waiting for the fall I wait in fear for the rest of my days...
  10. C

    The End

    The beginning is the best of life The beginning marks the start of new life Time moves at a pace that can be kept up with Then time moves to fast and so begins the race You try to keep up You reach The End before time can win but the question that lies within is....... What did you lose...
  11. C


    this poem was made in honor of my birthday which is 2morrow enjoy The day of birth when we were born just another day to some a special day for one you tell your family you tell your friends they say "good" but no one cares they promise to show they promise to call but you sit in...
  12. C

    is there a secret ending

    i noticed beating the other KH games there are secret endings is there if you beat RE: CoM on proud or am i wasting my time?
  13. C


    stop the madness end this horror try your best you get fucked try even harder and you lose yourself the madness continues why do you hide? stop the madness end this horror this hell on earth has arisen darkness,destruction its all unforgiven stop this madness end the horror the world we...
  14. C


    i give up i cant win I've been beaten you own me now my soul is yours you have won i have played and lost why do i continue? no matter what i do i always lose i should quit but i cant the pain is too good i cant walk away being beaten at this game has its rewards
  15. C

    i have a thought

    okay i think i noticed something in the room just before u battle saix and luxord (cant remember the name) but i went around while playing KH2 and read the little descriptions for each of the dead or "missing" organization members but i saw one that said "cloaked schemer" i and want to know is...
  16. C

    How To Deal

    okay i have a problem and i need help How do I deal with my friend who is with the stupid bitch whi has turned him into a complete asshole who now wonts nothing to do with his friends who have known him longer then she has been dating him?
  17. C

    Losing Control

    my lifes a struggle i am losing control the world surrounds it suffocates, and destroys the evils are no longer gone the darkness has arisen the darkness it rapes your soul the evils take whats left leaving you a hollow shell your lifes a struggle you are losing control the darkness...
  18. C

    Paradox cups

    okay i have finished all of the regular cups and pain and panic paradox how do i get the others activated? any help is appreciated
  19. C

    slight confusion

    I noticed this a few days ago and was wondering What is exp on the user page thing about? i know stupid question but i am a stupid person
  20. C


    Silence, silence, silence all i hear is silence I was lost in it I was living in it Now my happiness is dying in it slowly dying, dying, dying There is still time to think this thourgh should i go back or should i stay here If i go back I reenter a world of unappreciation If i stay I...